Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blog of Updates?

Yea, that's what I'm going to chalk this up to for the time being...at least until I decide otherwise sometime in the future.

I'm still hosting a fundraiser here for a friend, so that's kept me slightly busy, in addition to school, surgery, another possible surgery....

Seriously, check out the fundraiser & help a young mother out in her quest against cancer!

Okay...so the rest of it...

Brian's situation hasn't changed much.  Still working, still a lovely husband when he wants to be, awesome father more often.

Mikeal is doing well, but he did get caught cheating the other day at school.  Or rather he was caught helping someone else cheat.  One of his good buddies doesn't like to read & take tests, but was wanting the rewards associated with reading & taking tests over the books he read, so paid Mikeal to take the tests for him.  I'm hoping this is the only time he has to learn this lesson that helping someone cheats doesn't help them, it only hurts him & the person he thinks he's helping.  Otherwise, he's just a normal pre-teen boy hell bent on driving me up a wall.

Mikaila is doing well, also.  She's still a spry thing with a bunch of energy and fun!  She's making great progress with her speech and has started physical therapy to work on balance issues that stemmed from the inner ear crap of the first few years of her life.

I'm doing okay, actually, better than I have in at least 20 years.  I had sinus surgery on the 28th of February and I can honestly say I noticed a HUGE improvement in my breathing & smelling abilities on the way home from the outpatient procedure. After spending a few days totally doped up on pain meds & sleeping through the greatest bit of the pain I was up & around on day 4 cleaning the house & taking care of things that hadn't been taken care of during my period of basic unconsciousness.  I'm a week out from surgery & went to my post-surgery follow-up appointment this morning where my lovely ENT (he's also easy on the eyes) irrigated my nose - which involved taking a high powered suction hose thing with a metal end to scrape off all clots & scabs that had formed.  Oh that hurt like a SONOFABITCH...but I lived...and then almost 8hrs later Brian got home from work & I could take a pain pill.  YAY!

But the results of the surgery have been AWESOME!  I can wake up breathing, I can smell things, my head doesn't feel constantly under pressure, I can hear a bit better, things taste better, or are more flavorful, I don't wake up coughing & gagging on post-nasal drip crap, it is just awesome!  I even had the unusual benefit of it looking like I had cosmetic surgery on my face to widen my eyes & thin my nose & cheeks.  Don't believe me...check out these pictures:

The first one was taken a week or so before I had my sinus surgery & it was a 'good' day.  Note the squinty eyes, puffy cheeks, swollen-ish nose.  That was normal for me on an every day basis.  Most days it was worse, but you get the idea.  The second picture I took of myself on day 4 after the surgery.  I still had a little bit of swelling & puffiness from the surgery itself & a total lack of sleep, but you can see my eyes, my cheeks aren't as puffy, my nose is a bit skinnier, the works.  I totally say that if you suffer from chronic sinus issues that are ruled as not being caused by allergies...as the allergist told me last year that I have ZERO allergies...and absolutely nothing seems to give you relief - seriously, the ONLY thing that gave me even a little bit of relief from the congestion was Sudafed & in this area Sudafed is like platinum - everyone buys it as soon as the shipment comes in to sell for at least $50 a box to the meth cooks - I was quite often without.  In two years I've been able to score one whole box and that's been it.

But I love it.  The headache sucks & the bleeding sucks.  The feeling that someone has smacked me with a baseball bat, repeatedly, also sucks.  BUT I can breathe, I no longer wake up gagging & puking, I smell things, taste things, the works...kinda amazed at the things persons without sinus issues take for granted.

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