Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brace Yourself...

Back on the 6th of March I posted an early update about my sinus surgery here.

Where I posted this picture set:

The first picture of course being one taken of me roughly a week before I had my sinus surgery.  Just a normal, average, Tennessee late winter day, nothing coming out in bloom yet, the pollen count might have been 5, if that.  Do note the puffy eyes, general swollen look to my face, etc.

The second picture was taken of me 4 days after my surgery (surgery was on Feb 28th) the Bradford pears, Redbuds, daffodils, etc had started blooming by then, so the pollen count was likely close to about 100...notice the general lack of puffiness around my eyes, although I was still QUITE swollen from the surgery itself  (I gained almost 20lbs in water weight that first day) my eyes look bigger, my nose & cheeks generally look smaller.

This is my new picture, taken just a few minutes ago, one month since my sinus surgery.  The pollen count today was 440, three of my neighbors mowed their lawn, & the guy that owns the field across the street mowed his field.  I also mowed my lawn just yesterday.  Without the sinus surgery I would have died two weeks ago, or at least thought I was dying, when the pollen counts started SKYROCKETING; today I did have a bit of sneezing & a slightly runny nose....

Do note I have been up since 8am, after being up quite late the night before, and I took this picture at 1:30am, plus all the afore mentioned factors of the pollen count, lawns being mowed etc...I'm sure if they would have stood in my yard today to do the pollen count it would have registered closer to 700 instead of just 440; being as the 440 is in the city & I'm in the country....

I truly have absolutely no words for how wonderful I feel!

All three photos together:

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