Saturday, March 17, 2012


They can be great attributes to a family...or they can be a royal pain in the ass to all in the family.

I have quite a few sisters-in-law.  I'm married now for the 3rd time.  Over the course of the last 13 years that has netted me 20 or 30 sisters-in-law.

My late-husband had two sisters and a married brother - so three right there.
My ex-husband had at least 7 sisters and at least as many married brothers - so we'll say an additional 14 right there.
My current husband only has one brother; but that brother has been married 5 times, so add another 5.

If you're keeping count that's at least 22 women who technically have had the title of sister-in-law in my life.

BUT that's not it.

I also have two brothers and a sister.

One brother has 7 baby mommas; the other has 2 baby mommas; my sister's husband has a sister or two.

So that puts up to over 32 'technical' sisters-in-law over the last 13 years of my life....the number might actually be closer to 50, but I don't remember exactly for sure how many siblings my ex-husband had or how many siblings everyone and/or their spouses have.

Then of course there are some friends that my husband or I have accumulated over the years that we consider to be as close as siblings, so their spouses also in this line-up...and both of our parents have remarried at least once, to folks who also had lets round out the number to say there are potentially about 75 women who in some way shape or form could be considered my sister-in-law

Of these nearly 75 women there are strippers, methheads, a dance instructor with a affluent company in Los Angeles, a beautician, a few whores, a U.S. Marine, a painter, an elementary school teacher, a U.S. Congresswoman, drama queens, career welfare child bearers, home schooling moms, some with no children, some with as many as 8 children, lawyers, a microbiologist, nurses, a medical doctor, a building engineer, and that's just what I can think of off the top of my head.  Some know who fathered their children, others don't.  Some have been married more than 20 years, others are still newly weds, and there's a small handful who are single.  Some have ran off without a word where no one knows if they or the children they ran off with are even alive, and we pray the next headline doesn't mention that she's killed her children because the state has caught up with her and tried to take the child(ren).  Others have children that makes you dumbfounded why the state hasn't taken them.  Some have battled cancer, some lost that battle.  Some have been abused by their spouse, others abuse their spouse.  Most live in this country, across at least 25 different states, possibly more...a few live overseas...two no longer even specify what state/county they live in due to their line of work.

So for some stalker idiot to see me mention "sister-in-law" and automatically assume it to be all about her she must live a very pathetic life. 

I like to think my life has been quite enriched by this great assortment.  And others just completely dumbfound me so therefore I try to make sense of it by blogging about it, see if others can make some sort of sense of it all...something that I'm not seeing.  Others I would love to talk about, but can't because it's too specific, even if I am vague.  Then of course there are those that due to whatever reason we no longer have contact...they cause no problems for me, I do the same to them.  I may bitch about them or refer to them from time to time in some of my blog posts, either here or on another blog elsewhere, but I know they're not spending their days searching for info about me or my family or finding a way to contact me/my family to harass us, so I don't worry about it.  There are a few that I know do religiously search to find my family and/or I.  I'm sure in the next year or so when my ex is back out of jail, again, I'll be facing more of the harassment again and it may involve my family having to move again to keep us safe.  Others I know are too chicken shit to grow-up, but they like to harass anyways.

So I'm done with the childish games.  I'm done changing blog URLs, done changing email addresses, done leaving groups, changing phone numbers, the like.  If they want to talk and be upset by what they read, then so be it.  I no longer care that what I may have to say upsets you.  If you harass me over what I have to say I'm taking legal action and you can get over yourself.  If you weren't looking to be upset by me you wouldn't have found a reason to become upset.  Now, go grow-up & tend to the life in front of you.

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