Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stalker & Harasser

I've previously blogged about a stalker/harasser.  If you follow myself or my husband on Twitter you've seen that the last two weeks now have been riddled in this annoyance.  She has AGAIN created another new account that she is using to follow at least Brian publicly.  For the last four years we have asked that they *politely* fuck off.  We have blocked them from Facebook.  I've changed my blog URL THREE times over the last four years.  In the last week alone we have blocked/reported now FOUR new twitter accounts of theirs.  We've changed phone numbers, moved & not given them our forwarding address, the works.  Most recently I have even started filing reports with the local police department, in which not less than a week ago I was assured that the officer would be making a call for them to be served with a "Do Not Contact" request.  This has lead to them even calling their mommy (who also happens to be Brian's mother) to call & harass us.

So since it seems improbable that they will knock off their bullshit and law enforcement is a joke in this particular matter it would seem, maybe not, but ugh, this waiting game is bullshit, I'm going to start blogging the screenshots, the new accounts, etc.  If you happen to run across someone trying to impersonate either Brian or myself, please do let us know & when able to please take a screen shot for us & email it to me at .  Right now I'm up to 132 printed pages of direct harassment and still combing an old harddrive that has a slew of screenshots as well.  I'm not referring to nonsense they post that isn't brought to our direct attention from them personally.  I'm referring to the emails they've sent, the phone calls, the texts, the blog comments, the tweets that mention either of us, as well as posts that mention our personal information.

I may refer to this person as a "sister-in-law" or husband's brother's wife, but unless you know us personally & know their names personally there's no way you'd be able to pick them up out of a line-up, except where they've posted their own personal information.  For safety's sake, even though I am posting screenshots of just a handful of screenshots, I will be blacking out any specific personal information. 

This latest round of extreme harassment stems from a brief encounter I had with a random young gal on Twitter.  She showed up as a "Follow Suggestion", I checked out her profile, saw that she was looking to find out how to make her account private/block specific persons....I replied to such tweet, telling her how to find it in her settings, a few messages were exchanged in which I figured out she was referring to my stalker, which is the mother to a guy she'd dated for a bit, via a post she'd sent to me where the 32yo mother of her 17yo ex was dogging on her on a public profile.  I have the 32yo blocked so had a hard time pulling up the link because I have her blocked & therefore the profile wouldn't pull-up.  I got annoyed trying to open the link, so logged in from someone else's account & tried it...sure enough the mystery was solved.  I did tweet to the gal that I'm sorry she got mixed up with that psycho's son, that she's my husband's brother's wife & I'm positive anything that she (the 16yo) thinks about the 32yo is probably no different than what the rest of us have said or do say about her & good luck getting her to move on. (Keep in mind the gal I was tweeting with is only 16 or so, and just not my brand of person to follow, as I prefer the over 21 crowd, so I never even bothered with following her and I don't believe she follows me).  Roughly 36hrs or so later I log into Tweetdeck to find this lovely  batch of tweets on March 11, 2012.

Supposedly these are tweets sent from the 17yo....except one small thing wrong with that is the bit where the language and horrid grammar & spelling is VERY similar, if not identical to his mother's spelling.  She's one of the only persons I know that tries to insult someone by saying they're "trailor trash" ...I've performed NUMEROUS Google searches to find out what "trailor trash" is over the last 4 years, but I keep getting re-routed to 'Do you mean: trailer?"  One would think that after 4 years of trying to correct her idea of how it's spelled she would have learned something, but alas, such is not the case.

Both Brian & I have REPEATEDLY requested she take her funk elsewhere and go be miserable or actually go get a life, I don't care if it's miserable or happy really, but to stop the immature nonsense.  They claim, REPEATEDLY that to them we do not exist...and yet they spend HOURS, days, weeks, months, tracking us down, stalking us, then harassing us.  Brian & I have both worked hard to be content online.  Sadly due to their harassment Brian deemed it necessary to even delete his Facebook account...Why the fuck should we leave social media outlets because some blue waffle disease carrying cum dumpster has nothing to do with her 5 kids, failing marriage, and failing health?

This blog entry outlines just one avenue she's stooped to in order to stalk.  Yes, please do take the time to read the entry, as well as her Anonymous comment, just so you can see for yourself her claims...I really wish that I would not have deleted many of her other Anonymous comments where she would claim to want to know nothing of us, or she only reads my blog to keep up with what's going on with us, and the like.  Really, I don't give two shits if they read my blog on an hourly basis - more power to them - the part that annoys me if when they call my house at all hours to bitch about what I write, or they call my husband's place of business to harass him about what I write, or they call his cell phone to bitch about it, or my mother, Brian's father to bitch at him about visiting us.  Seriously!  My father-in-law can make a trip that lands him within 5 minutes of his other son & his son can't make time to see him or wants to chew him out.  WE go visit father-in-law or he comes up to visit us and his other son will call to bitch out father-in-law about us and how father-in-law wouldn't do the same for them.  Why in the HELL would anyone want to visit with someone that sends fake legal looking papers to con them out of thousands of dollars?  Or just wants to scream & bitch at him about how he doesn't do enough for them?  We ask for NOTHING from father-in-law.  He does what he does do for us/the kids because he wants to..and I feel guilty about it simply because I've never had someone in my life that 'spoils' grandkids...or even loans money to kids/grandkids.  I wasn't raised asking for money or gifts, much less EXPECTING someone to give such.  I'm ALWAYS thankful for what I am given, gift or loan wise, and ALWAYS live up to the expectations placed upon me where such is concerned.  The blue waffle carrier mentioned here DEMANDS 'gifts' and if it's not good enough she makes damned sure that you well as everyone else.  If you do not hold her same ideals you're just as bad as the horrid 'gift giver'.  She'll make damned sure to not only annoy the piss out of you, but she'll fake legal documents, fuss, throw fits, throw dishes even, until she gets her way.

oh this is exhausting.

Anyways...back on track here.

The harassing tweets from her "son's" account continued for a day or two..then stopped.  She then created a new account, under her own name, to which I again logged on to find a whole new set of tweets from her, since I'd blocked the son's account so they no longer showed in my timeline:

And that went on for some 30 or 50 tweets...  Truth be told I've said all I've wanted to say to either of them, YEARS ago.  They refuse to act like mature adults, or when called on their bullshit they spin it.  I don't think even a merry-go-round has seen as much spinning as they can do.  I wish not to speak to them, I do find it entertaining/vent worthy once in a while to express my annoyance at the lies I hear down the line or vent about the complete aggravation I feel when my children are threatened. 

I also get quite annoyed when it is brought to my attention that there is someone posing online, using my information, pictures, etc for attempted vulgar means.  Such as showcased by this:

Not only is my age blatantly wrong, as I won't be 30 for another almost 6 weeks, but the weight listed is grossly inflated and my name is butchered...and then they start retweeting my stuff, after going down my following/follower list, thinking that no one is going to notice or question me directly about it.  Seriously, how stupid and desperate can someone actually be?

And then we get this stunning example of the newest stalking/harassing attempt:
ANOTHER new account she'd created within hours of the previous account being suspended.

Back on the 16th of March I'd asked the officer handling this harassment case to file the necessary paperwork for a 'do not contact' order.  It was not even a week later when the new round of harassment started.  Not only with new Twitter accounts, but they've even employed my mother-in-law to call & berate my husband over us having online accounts, over how my husband can do so much more/better than what he's doing now, and even tried to talk him into moving out to Arizona, because apparently she's going to be moving out there or some shit.  Yea, I heard that line 4 years ago.

Of course the blue waffle carrier has deleted the first two accounts I posted screen shots of, the third account has been suspended until further notice, and this new account may very well be on it's way to be suspended as well.  I'm sure by the time I log back on again, sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening she'll have another new account or will even post some anonymous comment here, since she stalks my account & my blog.  But I'm done.  I'm not going to bother again with changing accounts, emails, URLs, and the like.  I don't have the time or energy to even bother anymore.  I have a business that is taking off.  I go to school fulltime.  I have two children that I adore.  As well as a husband that works many long hours that I enjoy spending time with, whether it be face to face or sitting beside each other on the couch as we tweet with each other & our Twitter Family in the Twitterverse.  We also have a lovely large group of friends with families we enjoy spending time with as if we've always been a part of the family.  I have a very rich & full life that I enjoy expanding everyday, I don't have the luxury of sitting around for hours on end stalking folks, their acquaintances, etc.

KT - if it really upsets you to see ANYTHING at all from either Brian or myself, get off your ass, go get a job, find something actually productive for once to do with your life besides burdening the system and stalking us to find something to be upset about.  You'll live a much longer, healthier, happier life if you live one that doesn't resolve around us & our happiness that makes you so utterly miserable.


  1. Good for you for calling her out like this. There is no reason why you or your family should have to put up with this person's bullshit drama. She must feel really inadequate and have zero self-esteem if she spends so much time trying to tear other people down like that. I really hope that she gets help, for her own sake and her family's. In the meantime, just go on with your life do your best to ignore her. You sound like you've got a good life that deserves your attention more.

  2. Are you calling your local police or the police of the town that they live in? Makes a difference. Call the police of the town they live in. Is it crossing state lines? Try the state police too.

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