Monday, June 20, 2011

I believe I'm on the Crazy Train

Crazy Train Incident #1

Earlier last week I got a friend request on Facebook from a chick I had never heard about...come to find out she's one of my husband's ex girlfriends. As in they dated for a few weeks, he decided she was utterly psycho, dumped her, all well over 10 years ago. Anyways, he can't say he didn't warn me, because he did. repeatedly.

I responded to her friend request, with a message. I simply asked her if I knew her.

She responded that yes, I did know her, that I knew her from when I lived in Virginia.

I responded back to her and told her that I haven't lived in Virginia since I was maybe just 2 years old, when my daddy was stationed there in the Navy, not been back since. I also added in that I spent much of my childhood living in Arkansas & Oklahoma.

So her next response was "oh, that's right, I knew you in Oklahoma, we lived on the same street".

At this point my jaw is just DROPPING. When I lived in Oklahoma I lived on a "street" if you'd call it that, backwoods barely paved road more like it, where maybe 10 families lived & I knew every one of them....the only folks remotely close to my age lived right down the road & were named Tania & Andrew, they were brother & sister - neither one named Stacie.

So I respond back to her, I ask her what city it was we'd lived in together.

Her immediate response was Tulsa.

Now my eyebrows are REALLY raised, seeing as I only spent maybe 6 months, total, of my life actually living in Tulsa...and that was when I was in my early 20s.

This chick is absolutely blatantly LYING to me and thinking that I'm stupid enough to go along with it and actually want to accept her friend request, on my Facebook? WTH!

So I keep up my end of the charade. I respond back and ask her which street or what year even...make it simple.

Some time goes by and she finally responds back...tells me that she was really young back then so doesn't remember and is sorry to have bothered me.

By this time I've completely had it with the lies and bullshit. I'm nearly 30 years old, I'm not fucking stupid and this chick is at least 5 years older than me and it's just absolutely RIDICULOUS to lie, period.

So I sent her a message that read:

I never lived in Tulsa until I was in my early 20s, you're 5 years older than me, so if you were really young when you lived in Tulsa, on the same street as I then I don't know who you think you're trying to play games with.

Look, I know you're one of my husband's psycho-ex girlfriends, by his words. By your profile you live in Alabama. I also know that you were only in Virginia for 3 weeks, well over 10 years ago. So at this point I'm going to have to agree with my husband on his "you're a psycho" opinion, primarily because at 30+ years old your wall statuses read like a 12 year old's and you, for some childish psycho reason feel the need to lie to me.

So if you have a legitimate reason for trying to friend me or Brian then grow up and state it.

She's not responded back to me and I don't expect her to.

Crazy Train Incident #2

Mother-in-law calls.

This particular event sends me into a spiral of mixed irritation & annoyance...maybe I've blogged about that particular history...if I have I'll find the link & post it here tomorrow, after I search for it...but the short story is that we don't talk to her or brother-in-law & his wife because they're, for lack of a better phrase "Jerry Springer types".

Anyways...apparently mother-in-law had talked to brother-in-law a few days ago and BIL told her that Brian & I had divorced; I'd kicked Brian & the kids out of the house & they were living at father-in-law's house. This was based solely on the fact that Brian took the kids to see his dad for almost a week while I worked to paint the living room. He had the time off, we had the spare change, it's not a far drive, & FIL is wonderful to spend time with. We weren't fighting, it was just merely opportunity was afforded for things to work out that way, no big deal.

Apparently in BIL's & SIL's world if one spouse isn't up the other's ass 24/7 it means they've separated and are getting a divorce. I'm absolutely comfortable & secure enough in my relationship with my husband to let him out of my sight for hours, or even days at a time.

I think this makes at least the 4th time that Brian and I have gotten divorced in our 3 1/2 years of marriage. MAN! Our divorce lawyers are making a KILLING off of us, no wonder we're broke! ROFLMMFAO

Since MIL, BIL, etc are all on Brian's Facebook (I have them all blocked) I'm considering having Brian change his relationship status to 'complicated' just to fuck with their heads...I think it'll be a blast...just fuel their stupidity!

Whatcha think?


  1. Ok I know what's up. Your BIL, SIL and MIL are all friends with the psycho ex girlfriend. Once word got out that Brian dumped your sorry ass and had to take the kids to live with his dad because you are such horrible person who was laying around huffing paint and junk, they immediately sent the psycho ex girlfriend in to do some recon information gathering, so she could wiggle her way back into his life, because you have them all blocked, why? because you guys are constantly breaking UP! Duh! I mean, SIL and BIL have a dolphin relationship. They have their heads so far up each others ass they need holes in the back of their necks to breath, since you and Brian don't this means 1 thing. Your a paint sniffing whore and he's a hard working single father now living with his father and it's obviously all your fault. See I have it clear. Also I love you, and I really need some painting done.

  2. I'd love to come help you paint...just as soon as I finish all I have left to next chore is the kitchen - stripping, sanding, cleaning & painting and then the dining room...rinse & repeat for the hall, bathroom, staircaseway, playroom, kids' TV room, kids' bedroom, and then my bedroom.

    Once I get all that done I'll love to come hang out, drink some peachy drinks & watch...umm I mean help you paint. :)

    And see, your description of the chain of events regarding the psycho crazies was my original thoughts as well, HOWEVER I try not to jump to too many conclusions without all the know, all that stuff most folks teach their kids about how mature persons behave, yada yada....

  3. How dare you be such a cold, heartless bitch and stand in the way of Brian getting back with the love of his life after you kicked him to the curb!!! I mean, damn, you think you're still married or something?!?

    LMAO!!! Ok, that's as far as I could carry it! This makes me feel so much better about my hub's bat shit crazy family members!!! :)

  4. *hangs head in shame*

    *throws some change in the wedding savings jar for the Halloween wedding, all over again*

    I'll start throwing change in the divorce savings jar after the new wedding. just hit me, if we're getting divorced every year, then making up & getting remarried, just think about all the sex we're having!!! First we get the engagement sex, then honeymoon sex, fight & make-up a few times sex, then post divorce sex, then re-make-up sex...repeat yearly.


  5. I KNEW I'd make your blog when Wendi told me what your MIL told you, etc. Even though it had nothing to do with me, the "SIL". Don't include me in this circle of psychos/liars. I claim non of y'all. The REAL truth, if you'd like to correct your blog is: Your "BIL" talked to your "FIL" and your FIL said Brian told him y'all were splitting. That's IT, nothing more. And Randall passed it on to your MIL. The rest you or your MIL made up. However, I'm not surprised it got twisted. I personally don't care what your relationship status is.

  6. I just told her the original story. What you had told me. It seems it all started with your FIL telling Randall. Seemed to snowball from there. I believe your MIL has issues LOL I told you Katie didn't have anything to do with it. She inquired to me and I told her you all were doing fine and had no clue what she was talking about. The ebb and flow of relationships. Seems sad that your man takes a vacation and all of a sudden you all are splitting up. Did Brian say something to your FIl that might have led him to believe that a break up was imminent? It would be nice if people learned to mind their own business but as we all just doesn't work that way. As for the psycho ex that tried to friend you.....WOW. I am friends with all my husbands ex's for the most part so I don't get blindsided LOL In the is really sad that you all don't get along. I wish I had family to turn to but I prefer to avoid the backstabbing and drama.

  7. I agree that you're cold and heartless, and my house also needs painting!!!

  8. Also I love the photo of you and Brian.

  9. Thank you, JC. It is one of my favorite pictures as well, taken on our wedding night, just before we left the car to go trick-or-treating with a ninja!