Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Testiment to a Wonderful Educational System

This conversation just makes me very, very sad. Convo with a gal & her sister who I've bitched about in the past, one is homeschooling her children (P) the other believes her children are complete GENIUSES (B)....

yada yada... then....

Stephanie Bonds GPS machines are EVIL! Have you not seen the news stories of folks who relied on their GPS devices only to wind up lost for weeks & days with no life in, you're headed to Oklahoma, same effect. :-P

P: hey!! im alive damn it!!

B: Ha ha ha

Stephanie Bonds Are you sure? You do know the CDC was warning about a zombie apocalypse, right?

Stephanie Bonds braaaaiiinnnns....

P: im prepared .... ive had my Zombie Apocolypse emergency evactuation planned for years

Stephanie Bonds I think you'd be pretty safe there though...meaning Oklahoma. :-P

B: Lol i was going to go there but hey im FROM oklahoma

P: true a zombie apocolypse is much more dangerous in places of higher population .

B: And places with higher brains populations

P: their are stupid people everywhere . and just because one moves from oklahoma to a place that is sterotypically more educated dosent automaticly infuse intelligence into the person

Stephanie Bonds I seriously hope your comment was written that way on purpose.

Stephanie Bonds ROFLMAO

Stephanie Bonds But you are right...I think there's a higher concentration of stupid people in Alaska...isn't that where the last colony of non-zombie folks were at in the REsident Evil series?

P: for example if i move to wesconcin(sp?) i dont automaticlly know how to make cheese and milk cows , nor if i move to Arkansas will i automatically fall madly inlove with my siblings

P: i dont remember . i just know , lower population , less food means zombies starve to death before they eat me. and a college degree will never be as useful in this situation as the parinoid servival skills of the all american redneck

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