Friday, June 24, 2011

Sales Solicitation

I had a sales solicitor call. I told them, politely, that I wasn't interested & asked that they take me off their calling list. The bitch actually told me that in order to be removed from the calling list I HAD TO PAY A FEE!

Before you ask, yes, I'm on the no call list...but wait, the story gets better still. I'm also presenting a challenge....

I call back the number from my house phone...dude answers, says his name is "Justin Case". I ask for the name of the company. He tells me CBS then goes into his sales pitch/line of questioning.

I interrupt him and tell him that I had some questions first that I would like to have answered. I repeat my question, asking what the CBS stood for.

He hangs up on me.

I try calling back...get a busy from my cell & the phone just rings & rings.

So I wait a moment & call back again.

This time I get an answer. Mr. "Justin Case" answers again, this time asking me, by name, what I needed/wanted. I again repeat my question, asking what the CBS stood for...he puts me on hold & then disconnects me.

He's trying to sell a Work At Home "Profit sharing" part of Visa/Mastercard - so long as I give my card numbers....

I wait a bit longer, then call again from my cell phone. This time I get "Steven" who sounds JUST like "Justin Case" ....I of course change my name for him, get into the 3rd or 4th question of his & he figures out it's me, most likely, and hangs up on me again.

Fracking loser.

So my challenge is to you, my awesome readers, Please, call this number (US phone number) 1-520-455-3710...and tell me about your experiences in the comments below. ☺

DO NOT give these folks your real information!

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  1. So far I have called the FCC to file a complaint, they referred me over to the FTC to file a scam complaint...I was given a reference number then referred to call the Do Not Call agency.

    Fun times.