Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Take note, Please!

Due to the fact *someone* insists that she has nothing to do with anyone in my family, wants to know nothing, whatever, but still finds herself HAVING to check my blog, comment on it, start bullshit drama, I have changed the url. Maybe this will work, maybe it won't....but you'll notice that my url has changed, so you may wish to update your bookmarks.

I'll take more drastic measures if I have to.

It's still really sad that I left junior high more than 15 years ago yet still have to put up with such levels of immaturity on a semi-regular basis even, from persons that claim to be MUCH more mature than I and even have at least half a decade on me where life is concerned.

So, please, take note. This is my blog, I'll write things as I perceive them, if it happens to be off by a touch of hearsay I really don't care. Just consider my blog to be of the Faux News variety - I write things as I see them, bottomline, end of the story. I don't get paid to write facts, I do this to unload, it's my brain dumping ground and I'll write what I damned well please, if you don't like it, don't read it. I share my blog with others because sometimes folks read things that help them, give them a laugh, make them cry, or I'm needing encouragement or to laugh about something.

Have a great day!

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