Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Four Steps to Putting Away Laundry

Step #1 : Get little sister on your shoulders. Make sure she has a hanger of clothes between her teeth, so she can hold on to your head...

Step #2 : Stand & steady little sister on the shoulders....

Step #3 : Walk to the closet, closer, closer, closer....Hold steady. Little Sister gets the hanger on the bar. Declare Victory!!!!

Step #4 : Repeat until all closet clothes are off the bed & in the closet...

How do you get the laundry put away at your house?


  1. I seriously like this method a LOT. this is probably why I keep buying like 5 laundry baskets and just keep filling them. and have empty closets and dressers. no one ever gives me piggy back rides. Also are your kids at all interested in Circ de Soleil? I'm just saying, I think with the massive laundry I have here waiting to be put away and the fact that circ de soleil is at the casino by my house they could train at my house then I could take them to the casino for tryouts after they got really really good ( code for got my laundry done). Let me know.

  2. I'll see what they say. I'm sure Mikaila would go for it...Mikeal on the otherhand will be a bit tricky. They do require an insane number of cheap popsicles and/or ice cream.