Saturday, March 31, 2012

Get Over Me, Please.

 Want to know what I know about my stalker?

Based on the stats under the spoiler button I know she frequents my blog...The times/dates she arrived here in the last 5 days are posted, outside of the ones I can post tomorrow, or even later this morning after I publish this post.  I also know that she views my pages using a computer that still, surprisingly, runs on Windows XP and she uses FireFox to view my blog.

Stalker Alert!  ~ Since I'm so fond of screenshots I've graduated from just copying & pasting info.  I imagine I'll be able to update often.  Isn't it grand?

As you can see there are 10 hits from her...out of the 50 most recent hits.  Of those 50 most recent hits there are also 21 hits from my own IP address....I guess I stalk myself about twice as much as my stalker does.  The other 19 hits come from Maryland, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, (two cities in) Quebec (Canada), Dehli (India - stoopid spammer commenter), Oklahoma, New York, California, and (two cities in) Texas.  That's just for this blog, over the last almost 6 days, but past 50 hits.

Addendum:  I've upgraded some things.  If you follow my blog through Google Reader the hits will only appear as being from Mountain View, CA, which is where the Blogger/Google site stuff is hosted. I'm only interested in one particular person who has stalked, harassed, threatened, and otherwise proven herself to be a troll, up to & including claiming to care nothing for my family, so doesn't seek us out.  I'm just making a point...and besides 'normal' readers don't normally have as many hits to a particular blog as the actual blog author does.

 Also, as noted in an earlier entry she has created several accounts on Twitter, each one of which Brian & I have blocked.  That entry can be found here.

Now, she's making claims that *I* am stalking her, that I took my precious time to sort through the MILLIONS of accounts on Twitter to find, I'm sorry, that's wrong.  I searched Twitter to find her 17yo son's 16yo ex-girlfriend JUST so I could speak ill of her, my stalker.  Oh, if only I thought she was that important.  I don't have to search out some 16year old child to speak ill of her, I can manage to do that all on my own, if I cared.  Sadly, as you can see in the link I posted just above, Brian is the one that alerted me to her having followed him.  Anyone with half a brain can see that I am viewing Brian's Twitter account, from my account.  The word "Followers" is highlighted off to the left there, indicating that I am viewing the people that follow my husband.  It is also clear by the gray "Follow" button next to her name that I do not follow her.

I did include all time stamps with each of my screenshots I took during that particular few days, but sadly screwed up on the first one where "her son" threatened the lives of my children & family - I actually cropped it & did not save the original, but did post the cropped version that you see within an hour of logging on & taking it on my twitpic's still there.  Right here even, clearly stating that I'd posted that particular cropped screenshot 19 days ago.  The original that I have on my laptop & USB drive have the date & time stamps embedded into the photo itself.  I was happy to see that she FINALLY, after being told, by me even, over 4 years ago, learned the proper spelling of "trailer" by the time she got to her 2nd or 4th Twitter account...that proves she is teachable.

I would give you screenshots of my conversation with the poor 16yo gal that is at the heart of this whole mess, but that was a few hundred (or thousand) tweets ago, maybe the stalker can upload her own screenshots of it?  And then explain to me how I even knew her son's name or email to find him on Twitter....  Yes, I admit to knowing one of her kids' names was Andrew, but I could have sworn his last name was Scott???  I don't know, I didn't really care.  - You go do a search on Twitter for Andrew Scott, or hell, even Andrew Austin, tell me how many results you came up with.  I'm not going anywhere...

Now, once you've combed through each of those, are you able to tell me whom this Andrew person is dating? Or just broke up with?  Are you sure that he's the son of my stalker?  How about if I added in the bit where Andrew hadn't made but 20 some odd tweets, last one being back in like November, prior to the death threats that were sent to me in March?  I think he had a couple of hundred followers/followees...can you pick out which one of those he's dating?  Or that they'd broken up?  Does Twitter have a directory listing your name, mother's name, girlfriend's name, ex girlfriend's names, and IDs? 

Someone PLEASE tell me how I know all this stuff?!  I don't have email addresses for any of them as far as I know, unless the "mom" uses the same email address she used like 4 years ago... The last time I actually spoke to her (my stalker) was on Facebook, sometime last year, when Brian told me that his brother had called him to say she had cervical caner?  And shockers of all shockers there, I actually UNBLOCKED her and sent her a message asking about it, where she told me, herself, about the cervical cancer.  I wished her well with it, never once sent a friend request, nor accepted one.   ...hold on, I'll pull up my message archives on Facebook to take the screenshots of my discourse with my stalker... (I did block out part of her name for privacy reasons, respect & all that)
As you can see I have her blocked again.  I've had her blocked since that particular conversation.  I went straight to the horse's mouth to hear, instead of relying on hearing it 2nd...3rd hand.
A few months later ...probably around the time she would have been finishing her rounds of Chemo...this particular incident occurred...I can provide screenshots of that conversation bit as well, if needed...ahh, what the ya go (I did block out the poor gal's name for the screenshots though).  I don't have her blocked because I did ask her some questions and wish to have them's been almost a year & I've still not heard anything.  And shocker of all shockers - she lives in the exact same area as my stalker!

Moving on...

Other wild claims.  Sorry, never once did Brian nor I say that she (the stalker) had tried to make a move on far as I know, just that she's been harassing him for I guess just about 15 years now.  They'd been in the same area chatrooms & attended some of the same parties back when they were in their late teens/early 20s...Brian will be 35 at the end of September, the stalker is a year or so younger than him, I believe, maybe it's a year older...anyways, I know she's not older than her husband (Brian's brother) and he's just two years older than Brian.  Another little tidbit - the ex-girlfriend of Brian's mentioned just above was also part of these same chat groups.  Now tell me I'm just grasping at straws or some shit?
I do know my stalker also has a 17 year old son, that she gave birth to either right before or right after she turned 16 & another one that's about 2yrs younger than that.  Then of course her 3 younger ones, the youngest being roughly a year older than Mikaila, so she'd be around 6 now...I know she was a few months pregnant with the one just before the youngest when she met Brian's brother & they were married before that baby was born, after just 3 months of 'dating' they've been married now for about 8 years I'd guess.  And she has another son in the middle there somewhere. 
Of course, I don't have much room to talk, I suppose, on that front.  I've been married three times.  You can read about the first one here, if you like. Short story on that one - I met him when I was in Head Start, so around 4 years old, we were best friends, even after he moved one direction out of state & I moved another direction to another state we kept in contact, he was a year older than me.  We were both very devout in our faith, but due to racial issues (he's biracial) we ended up keeping our romantic relationship a secret from my parents (don't even get my started on my mom, thankfully though she's finally matured in many regards).  We got married, in secret, a few months before I turned 18, so that we did not fall prey to 'teenage lustful desires' out of wedlock, had planned a huge wedding for the early fall after I graduated from high school & before I'd planned on starting college or just traveling abroad with him.  We'd planned on using the few months between my graduation/18th birthday and the formal wedding to introduce the idea to my family, because once I was 18 & out of school there wasn't much they could do about and yea, well..there's a whole other entry about that.  Long story shortened - Secret wedding; car wreck; funeral; severe depression; graduate high school; surprise 'you're pregnant'; another funeral; life sucked like a basket of rotten eggs on a dirt road....I found a friend in alcohol.

You've read plenty of entries about my ex husband.  I'll keep this story short too...  19years old; drunk; drunk; drunk; man pays attention to me; makes lofty promises to me; drunk; 6 months later marry the asshole (Dec 2001); move 12 hours away 9 days later; surprise! pregnant again; isolation; abuse; try to leave; family says you're married, stick with it, have a nice life; have baby (Aug 2002); abuse abuse abuse; baby is 4 months old; move back to family area; family says you chose this life, make it grand; ex rapes 5 year old; lies about it; "he's such a great guy, you're just a drama queen; family pays for ex's defense lawyer; surprise! pregnant again; abuse abuse; stillbirth at 23wks (June 2003); ex gets plea deal of 4 months/4yrs probation for the rape; I find out the real truth; ex goes to jail to serve 4 months; I pack what I can, leave with 13 month old (Sept 2003); live on the streets; make shitty choices; try drugs; find old friend in alcohol; shitty choices; slut slut slut; meet awesome people in a chatroom from 8hrs away; move to Texas ((these chatroom people are the most awesomest, helped me sober up, gave me a place to live, gave me a car, I really never expected such blessings from 'people I'd never met, some I've never even laid eyes on)); meet Brian (Sept 2004); sober up; break-up with Brian; move back to Oklahoma; get divorce final (June 2006); celebration party; move back to Texas (July 2006).

Sober; sober; sober (except for some organic stuff); work work work; back on own two feet; get own apartment; surprise! Brian comes back into mine & Mikeal's life (Dec 2006); lose 100lbs; Daddy dies weeks after finding out he had cancer; Brian proposes; Surprise! the infertile couple is pregnant!; (yea, just like that all in the same week for those 3 things)(March 2007); pregnancy complications; move back to Oklahoma by my family; Brian works to rebuild relationships with his family he'd cut ties with years before; marry (Oct 2007); Baby (Dec 2007); work to re-sever most of Brian's family ties (April 2008); Brian works; provides; move to Tennessee (Feb 2010); life is grand.  I'm back in school; Brian has a decent job that pays the bills; kids are thriving all is well enough.  Married 5 years this next Halloween.

So anyways...back to my point, that was my last 12 years of life in a nutshell (18 to almost 30)....

To my stalker:

Speak 'adult-like' to us... about you pay attention to the whole: "we have no desire to speak to you, please stop stalking & harassing us, the people we hang out with, and the like?"  I'd have no clue you even existed in my Twitterverse if you didn't CONSTANTLY make yourself known in my Twitterverse.

I have no clue what kind of absurd lies you're referring do have 5 children, who were fathered by 4 different men, starting at age 15. Your husband has been married 5 times.  All of that was accomplished before either of you were 30.  You've battled cervical cancer, caused by HPV, which we all know is just fancy talk for a strand or 50 of herpes/warts.  Even the warts kids often get on their fingers are caused by a strand of HPV - geesh, you'd think you'd know something about biology, you have all this time on your hands to find us & folks that know us & where Brian works so that y'all can call & harass him there.  Hell, why the fuck do you think we started lying to y'all & MIL after we moved?  It's because you seem to LIVE for finding us & being harassing little twats.  I've changed my blog URL 3 times in the last 4 years; emails at least as often; Brian has changed his cell phone number God only knows how many times; I've left forums; Brian's left a few social media outlets; I mean, FOR FUCKS SAKE! Get the FUCK OVER US!  The ONLY reason you can find anything at all to be upset over is because you go looking for it.

Want to talk shit about me? Go for it.  I can guarantee that I have better details & can tell the story SOOOO much better with eyewitnesses..hell, a lot of it I can even provide legal & court documentation & mug shots for!!  So take your best shot.  Whatever you have to say about the "truth" in your world sure as hell can't paint me as horrible as I can myself.  Heck, I'm like Lindsay Lohan, but with kids & husbands on the roster...just take out the powdered drugs & theft, and I did a whole lot more jail time, no house arrest or probation though.  The difference is, sweetheart, I'm not afraid of the truth.  I OWN my life, my mistakes, my triumphs, my failures, my accomplishments, etc.  I'm completely comfortable with my bad AND my good.

So, you can kiss my eggshell white, cellulite ridden, wide ass.  It should be perfectly placed just high enough above my giraffe legs that you don't even have to bend down while you're on your knees.

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