Sunday, January 22, 2012

Things get Strange & I vent

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January 17

We are roughly 12 days into this whole debacle and one would think that things would have calmed down by now.  A meeting with a lawyer here in town was scheduled for later this afternoon and it was thought that hearing things from a lawyer's perspective would help ease Elvis's fears.

Because Brian had spent the night with Elvis at the hotel I didn't see them before late that afternoon.  It was also Tuesday, which meant the kids were FINALLY back in school and businesses were open again from the holiday weekend.  Brian also had my car which meant I was left with his truck...his 1990 beater Chevy 5 speed truck that he'd hit a deer with the night before.

I'd not driven a 5 speed in almost 7 years until then.  The last/only 5 speed I've ever driven was a 1996 Mitsubishi Galant.  The beater truck also has over 300,000 miles on the odometer, so some wear goes with the truck.  Add in the bent fender that rubs the tire, we found out, after I'd driven it and it was a boss hog on the road.  LOL

Mikeal woke up late for school so I had the glorious joy of driving him to school.  The school driveway is a downhill, around a curve, back up hill, with traffic annoyance.  I hate driving to the school period...and here I was going to be driving Brian's truck there & back home again.

I did just fine with it.  Only stalled out once & that was at the first stop sign from my driveway.  Mikaila left on the bus at 11:30 and  I had to run to town.  I met with a friend of mine for lunch, we talked for a bit, it was nice to have some girl time, even if she thinks I'm crazy, stupid, what have you for helping Elvis out as much as we have, especially only knowing him for a few weeks.   I can defend mine & Brian's actions in this whole thing until I'm blue in the face and it won't matter to some people.  They'll see us as suckers and that's fine.  Had it not been for the assistance of absolute complete strangers when I was going thru my divorce and custody crap I'd likely be either locked up in a padded room or I'd be buried.  In my opinion this is kinda like paying forward the kindness of those strangers 7/8yrs ago.  We could do it, we did it, it's done.  Those that have a problem with it it's their problem.

After lunch I stopped by the city police department to get what info I could on Prissy.  They directed me to go to the county police department, so off I went.

At the county office I was told that any info they had I'd have to pay $2 per printed page - highway robbery, if you ask me, but whatever.  I gave the first name - she pulled it up.  Told me that yes there was a few things on it.  I think asked if she could pull up the other two names Prissy has gone by.  Then I was shut down.  I was told that she wouldn't pull up anymore information for me without a social security number.

Uhhh...yea.  Arrest records, court minutes, etc are public record.  Technically by law the only information I have to have is her name & if more than one person comes up under that name then a birthday.  VERY rarely are social security numbers even included on police reports.

So solid brick wall.

I called up Brian & let him know about it and that was that.  Elvis's new lawyer said he'd finish up figuring his costs & would get back with him the next day.

I went back home to wait on the kids to get home & Brian & Elvis showed up not too much later.

And it was decided he'd just spend the night at our place to save on the running back & forth.

Then Elvis couldn't wait to leave.  He'd gotten a phone call from an "Unknown" number.  The guy on the other end of the line claimed to be a detective working this case & needed to meet with Elvis, at a local restaurant, to take his statement.  I told Elvis to tell him that he'd now have to consult with his lawyer, since he was in the process of securing one, but it all spooked Elvis something fierce.  I mean, wouldn't it spook you if you got funky phone calls from supposed detectives, wanting your statement, in the evening, at a backwoods restaurant...that closes at 2pm?

So Brian ran Elvis back to the hotel.

Elvis was sure they were being followed & on their way back to the hotel asked for Brian to bring his truck up to him if it was completely cleaned out & help him load the truck with everything he had there at the hotel & get him out of the area.  Said he'd pay Brian $100 for the trouble.

Brian was back to the house around 5pm, I fed the kids something real quick, loaded up the car, & followed Brian all the way back to Nashville, again.

By this point in time we're a few days into all this & several days of being around people that act like paranoid fools will start to make you feel a bit edgy and aware.

On our way out of town I noticed a marked police car following us.  I really didn't think much of it at first because it's a highway, not the interstate, & cops are kinda normal around here on the main roads.

Then we crossed over into the next county...I kinda expected the officer to stop there since he was then out of jurisdiction.  Such was not the case.

He continued to follow us, but fell far-ish behind.  Far enough behind I could still see his headlights behind me when the road was straight enough.  I expanded the distance between Brian & myself, slowing to around 45mph, on a 55mph highway.  The cop behind me increased his distance behind me.

These folks really need some lessons on how to not look suspicious when following someone.

Along the way we had to detour through a neighborhood due to a wreck blocking traffic along the way.  I kept my distance as best I could from Brian, but it wasn't terribly easy, and the cop on my tail was right there on my tail as we snaked through this neighborhood area.

Once we got to the edge of Nashville I was able to get far enough behind Brian to hit a few red lights before getting on the interstate to the north edge of town.  Cop still right on my tail, but he did end up at the 2nd light putting a few cars between us.  I knew which was Brian would be taking to get on the interstate, so I went down a few more lights & caught the next ramp onto the interstate, buying some time.

I lost the cop on my tail weaving around the rush hour traffic & taking the necessary exit SHARPLY.

We get to the hotel where Elvis was supposed to be waiting on us....and he wasn't there.

We were a bit PISSED to put it mildly.  Brian called him up to find out where he was at, turns out he was already downtown, on the Strip.

A guy that appeared to be staying a few rooms down asked us if we'd lost our key and I just quickly told him we were just meeting a friend, no biggie, and that wires had been crossed.  We left & went straight home, leaving Elvis's truck there with the keys stowed away on it, hidden.

The night proceeded quietly.


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