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January 13

Around 2am, less than 30 min after passing out I was awakened again.

Elvis wanted to check out hotels not too far from here, but in Nashville.  He felt like he'd inconvenienced us over the last few days & wanted to check out the scene in Nashville to check into the prospect of finding work until the legal stuff here was taken care of and his touring season started back up in March.

I looked up a few places for him, found a place he felt was reasonable enough for him to stay at.  We talked a bit longer, I took some screenshots of the emails from the boyfriend to Prissy, and he seemed to settle down again for a bit.

He asked me to stay up a bit longer talking to him & we talked about all that had happened, I tried reassuring him that she couldn't touch him while he was at our place, plus being here afforded him some witnesses.  And it seemed to have sunk in a bit...

And then I passed back out around 3...

Not too far past 4am I awoke again to him & Brian talking.  He'd gone in & woke Brian up, which slightly annoyed me, but whatever, Brian had to be at work, but Elvis was ready to leave our place.  He & Brian talked a bit, had some coffee, I went into the kitchen to join them, might as well, I couldn't go back to sleep.

I reached out to give Elvis a hug and wish him well & restated the invite that he was welcome any time for as long as he needed, but I was cool with him needing to get some peace.  Afterall - there are three dogs, two kids, and a cat here...he's used to a quiet place with only homing pigeons as pets and the pace of everything here can be a bit much for someone who is just in need of some peace of mind.  He spent the better part of the next 20 minutes just crying on my shoulder there in the middle of the kitchen.  My mommy side just wanted to swaddle him in a blanket & calm him.  Crazy to say that, I'm sure, about a grown, 45 year old man, but he just seemed so lost and scared and utterly heartbroken and exhausted and mommy instincts are strong with me.  Being a mommy has been my life for the last almost 10 years and I totally suck at being a heartless bitch.

I know it was a bit awkward for Brian to see his best friend in the arms of his wife, sobbing, in the middle of his kitchen, Hell, it was awkward for after a bit of hand twisting and slow pacing back & forth Brian joined the embrace.  I was a bit relieved when Elvis finished getting it out of his system.  And then he left to go to the hotel.

He called me a bit later to tell me he didn't go where he said he was going...and I got a bit annoyed...but whatever, he's a grown man, he's free to do as he pleases.  Yes, I'll admit, by this point in the last week of everything I felt like I'd adopted a 3rd child & all that...and my momma bear protectiveness was starting to show. A lot.  It's just one of those things that happen, I attach to people at a heart level, so sue me and get over it.

It was Friday, but due to the ice and such on the roads the kids did not end up having school and Brian had to work, so I worked on catching up on my housework a bit and preparing for my new semester.  My classes started back up on Tuesday and I'd not really done much to prepare for it.

Elvis being at the hotel, roughly an hour from here was a good thing, so I thought.  He wouldn't be near here & maybe it'd give him enough of a break to collect himself & all that.

Late Friday afternoon Elvis called and asked that Brian come out there and visit with him, hang out with him, the like.  Brian did.  He went out to the Nashville Strip with him to a few bars and the like & got home fairly late, even though he had to be at work early the next morning.

He went to work, dragging a little, but it wasn't bad.  I was a bit (a lot) annoyed with Brian, because we've lived here 2 years now and not once, even when both the kids were off at friends' houses & we had the opportunity to go, had he taken me out.  Brian also knows that prior to me settling down into being a stay at home mom, with two children, I went out quite often, at least once a month, to go dancing & socializing where there was live music.  So in 5 years I'd not been out but once and that was for our first anniversary & we were with a pair of Brian's friends and my baby brother who was home that weekend from boot camp.

I was also just exhausted & hadn't really had any time at all with Brian and was missing him and getting a bit jealous of all the attention Elvis was getting.

January 14

Elvis invited us to come back out, offered to even pay for a babysitter if it came down to it.  I called friends, etc...everyone was busy or sick or caring for sick parents.  Finally, thanks to Facebook friends I was able to land a reasonable babysitter for the night.  I got dressed up for a real night on the town.

When we finally got the kids all situated & all that we left out.  Brian was complaining about it because he'd already been out the night before, then worked all day, and still had to be at work the next morning, around 10.

At that point I didn't care because I was being a bit selfish, I'll admit that.  I'd spent countless hours being awake as Brian was out and about or sleeping and I needed to get out and just relax & enjoy myself.

Before we had gotten down to the strip Elvis had ran into an old friend of Prissy' fact her best friend and a co-worker from before Elvis had met Prissy.  In a way she'd introduced the two of them.

We found out from her that a few months after Elvis had moved into her place she had quit her job with the Agency & over the next few months quit talking to her.  She couldn't believe the accusations of the protective order.  She said that they were close enough that had any of that actually been going on Prissy would have confided in her or there would have at least been physical evidence of it and there wasn't.  We'd also found out some information about the 2nd ex-husband and how Prissy had royally screwed him over as well - taking him for almost half a million dollars.  And the info about Prissy just kept flowing.  Turns out that even though Elvis had been with her for almost 5 years he didn't know anything really about her.  As previously mentioned they didn't hang out with friends or anyone that knew her and that's how she wanted it.  She didn't want Elvis to know about the real her, just the her she wanted him to see.  All this information weighed heavy on Elvis.

I wore the wrong shoes, but they were cute shoes and I didn't care.  I really did enjoy myself.  We talked Elvis into doing a few Karaoke songs and he really seemed to relax & be enjoying himself...until closing time.  Yes, we stayed out until 3am on the strip.  By the time we got Elvis back to his hotel he was in a bad depressed funk & we just left to come back home.  The soles of my feet were totally blistered from it being years since I'd even had a reason to slip on heels and I'd only wore this one pair of heels once before, two years ago, to a court hearing against my ex-husband.  They're comfy, don't get me wrong, but we did park 10 blocks from the Strip and I had to walk that whole distance...and I did a lot of standing & dancing while we were out...almost 7 hours.


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