Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lightning Strikes!

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January 18

The day started off as any normal does here at the house.  Mikeal went to school, Brian got up with Mikaila since he didn't have to work, and I was allowed to sleep.

Oh blessed sleep how I missed thee.

Sometime around 10am Brian got a text from Elvis...Brian had ran out of voice minutes on his phone for the month, already.

The text read: "I need you to come get my room key from me & clean out my room, then bring my truck to me.", not after the night before when he wasn't there at the hotel and therefore didn't give us the promised gas money.  Besides, we had no clue where "here" was.

After a few more texts back & forth Elvis let on that he'd taken 5 different cabs trying to shake whomever was following him, & he was now hiding in the woods.

He seriously wanted Brian to go scour the woods of Nashville for him?  No FUCKING WAY!

We didn't hear anything back from him for a while.

Around 3pm Elvis called the house.  Said he'd been being followed & was scared & cold & had slept out in the woods all night.

I talked to him.  Told him if I was able to find a way to get Brian out there since we were completely empty on funds that I'd send him out there to get him, BUT he had to promise to go see my doctor the next morning and get something for his nerves, etc before all this stress & paranoia killed him and once he was back at our house we weren't taking him ANYWHERE until after he'd started the medications & taking them like he was supposed to.

We called and talked to a few people & were able to secure a bit of cash to out gas in the car.

Around 7pm Elvis called back & told Brian where he was at.

He was in DALTON, GEORGIA.  That's a freaking 5(FIVE) hour drive, one way, from the house.  WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!

I went over the plan with Brian about taking him in to see my doctor & get on meds, etc.  Brian of course had his own idea that he'd just take Elvis to the Consulate's office in Atlanta, GA, for them to assist him on getting a flight back to England & be back home sometime the next afternoon...okay, fine, whatever...the last few weeks he's already proven that he's not going to follow my recommendations anyways, so why should something like this be followed.  I've never dealt with anything at all like this in my life...*sarcasm*

What Elvis needed was something to help chill his nerves & to get through with the court stuff & work with his new lawyer here to get everything taken care of.  Just be a fucking man & take care of the shit!

January 19

Well, instead of doing as he'd claimed he'd done - taking him to Atlanta, he brought him back here, cleaned out the hotel room, he packed a suitcase, etc...and Brian took him to meet with the consulates halfway between here & Atlanta.

I did go to bed around 5am, Brian & Elvis showed up here at the house around 7, so I was OUT of it.  They left by around 8, I'm sure, since I was up at 9am and there was no sign of them.

Brian was back home around noon...and promptly crashed until nearly bedtime.

I talked to Elvis a little bit via yahoo/text to his phone.  He told me goodbye and all that, and it just seemed completely final and sad.

I wished him well and told him that I'd box up his personal stuff that'd been left here & send it to him after he gave me an address to send it to...

He also signed his Chevy truck over to Brian & left other instructions with him about the Saleen that all this mess is supposedly over.

While Brian was sleeping I started getting strange phone calls.

Unknown callers according to the caller ID.  Two of which claimed to be detectives.  One was Detective Slip - he did not break his back on the steps, but was severely bruised & sore.  Maybe next time he goes up or down wet steps he'll use a freaking handrail, but I doubt it.

The other supposed detective wouldn't give me any information, just said he was looking for Elvis.

I told both of them all that I knew - Elvis was in the care of the British Consulates & as a civilian that was all the information I could get about him.  They're officers of the law & therefore should be able to pull up information as to whether or not he'd caught a flight out or not.  The consulates will only tell me that they took him to the airport.

Later that evening I noticed an officer pull up my drive here & sit two houses up the way, with a spotlight pointed towards my backyard.  Brian was at work, Elvis was gone, and none of my neighbors would be home for a few more hours.  The officer sat there with the spotlight on until right before Brian pulled into the driveway...and they left out the back way.

January 20...

More unknown calls were made here to the house, a repeat of the evening before.

But otherwise it was a rather quiet day and I worked on my homework that was due by midnight on Saturday, the 21st.

Around 6pm Lady Gold called me.  I'd not heard from her since we'd told her that Elvis was in the care of the consulates...

She called to let me know that there were at least two black Cadillacs with Tennessee tags following her around town.  She lives in a tourist town.  During Tourist season (April - September) it's quite QUITE busy around there...the rest of the year it's almost a ghost town.  She was confident they were following her due to the roads they'd follow her down and such.

Lady Gold invited my family to come out any time to vacation there & she'd put us up in her house & she'd get us in to see the attractions & shows & the like that are open in the summer...especially since the kids were so incredibly well behaved while they were there, despite having been on the road for nearly 20 hours in a 24hr period.

Elvis also had told us at one point that he'd hook us up with free stays & passes to Disney there in Orlando whenever we liked.  Of course I imagine that'd depend on if we ever hear from him again.

January 21

We still have people watching our movements & the house.  I really don't care.  Let them waste their time and money.  I can't give out information I don't know and until we get some legal paperwork in the mail from the state & from the lawyer out of Orlando there's really nothing that can be done.

And so it's back to normal life here, as normal at least as it can be.  Homework, school, house cleaning, work, grocery shopping, and two children determined to drive me insane.

I'm sure this isn't the end of the story, but that's the story as it's unfolded thus far.

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