Sunday, January 1, 2012

BooMonkey Creations

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am pleased to announce my official hardcore launch of Boo Monkey Creations!!
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What is a BooMonkey Creation, you ask?  Quite simply - it's whatever you're willing to imagine it being.  My focus is on creating stunning painted glass pieces using re-purposed sheets of glass that would otherwise find their way into a landfill.  I use any glass materials I am able to acquire - windows, picture frames, jars, vases, plates - if it's glass I can create beauty to last with it!

Each piece is 100% hand painted using various types of paints & methods of painting.  Most of the work is done with a toothpick to ensure beautiful detail and design!  I'm also always looking for new ways to challenge myself, so please do not hesitate to approach me with an idea you have that may not be similarly showcased.  I do offer a significant discount on your first piece when the piece falls into this experiment category!  An existing piece with a different painted design does not fall into this experiment category. 

Pieces start as low as $5 and increase from there.

Shipping Prices are as follows:
$7 for small single pieces, up to 5"x7" *
$13 for 7"x7" - 10"x12" size pieces *
Larger pieces start at $35 shipping and most often will be shipped via UPS Ground**

I DO combine shipping on multiple orders going to the same address.  Do keep in mind shipping charges include the cost of delivery confirmation and any box, peanuts, bubble wrap, etc that I may have to purchase to ensure safe delivery.   I take the time keep costs as cheap as possible by researching my shipping options!  Rush delivery charges MAY apply, but only on pieces I have in stock.  

Custom orders can take up to 2 weeks to complete with an additional week for shipping.  Larger custom orders can take longer to complete, but I will keep you updated at all steps along the way and work studiously to ensure that each piece is shipped out by the payment due date on the invoice I send to you.  Absolutely no piece will be shipped out without the invoice being paid in full!

Replacements are always 100% free in the event the piece breaks while in transit, but only if a photo is emailed to me of the broken piece within 48hours of delivery confirmation. Also, in the event of a piece being broken in transit, if you return the empty frame to me I will either reimburse you the shipping cost of the frame OR give you credit towards a future order.  Also, if you, for whatever reason, are unable to email me a picture, but you return the empty frame I will recreate a new piece for you.  You are not required to send the frame back to me, that is purely optional and at your discretion.  BUT if you do NOT email me a picture of the piece broken or do NOT return the empty frame to me I will NOT replace the piece without a minimum of a $25 replacement fee, plus new shipping costs.

*Insurance coverage is available on packages totaling more than $50
**Insurance coverage is included

I take great care to ensure that you will be satisfied with the piece as I am creating it from start to finish.  I take photos from start to finish and email them to the email address you provide to me. 

So, what are you waiting for!  Check me out here.

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