Sunday, January 22, 2012

Paranoia Sets In

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January 15

Elvis had a rough night, but did say he slept & slept until well past noon, so things seemed alright.  He had an appointment on Tuesday the 17th to speak with a lawyer about everything and so I expected smooth easy sailing.

Elvis had also asked me to stop by Prissy's 2nd ex husband's place & leave a note for him to call Elvis.  See, back when Elvis first started dating Prissy the Ex #2 had called Elvis up to warn him about Prissy & told him that when it all went south to buy him a beer.  I went out there to deliver the note, no big deal.  Instead of just putting the note in the door & walking off I rang the doorbell and Ex #2 answered the door.  Now, keep in mind I'm not a small gal.  I stand 6ft tall & have a build to me, plus extra.  This dude is HUGE.  I explained to him my reason for being there & all he could do was shake his head & say "I tried to tell him years ago, he didn't want to listen and I'm not getting in the middle of it".  I just told him that Elvis wished to buy him that beer & I left the note with Elvis's phone number for him.  Dude seemed nice enough

Elvis called around the time Brian was getting off work & asked for Brian to come pick him up at that hotel late Sunday afternoon to come to the house & eat dinner with us.  Waffle House just isn't the greatest thing to attempt living off of & a good meal & a quiet evening at 'home' would do him well.

Things seemed to be healing in his head and things were quiet.  For a while.

Later that evening Elvis decided he didn't want to spend the night at our place, on the couch, plus he'd paid for two weeks at the hotel, where there was no kids or dogs or cats and a full bed - okay, he did have access to a queen sized bed here, but he didn't feel completely safe here, even after I put heavy drapes over all the uncovered windows here.  There are no street lights out here & it's basically out in the middle of nowhere and he started worrying about if Prissy knew he was here that she'd having someone rough her up & drop her off her & claim that he did it.  Again, there was no reasoning with him that she'd be in complete violation of the protective order if she came out here...even went as far as to tell him she could show up & I could beat the snot out of her & she'd be the one to go to jail for it.  He was also worried about there being too many places around here for her to hide in the dark & land a bullet in his head.  Okay...kinda farfetched, in my opinion, but again, she's a former FBI agent & supposedly a great marksman.

Since Brian had to be at work early Monday morning I took Elvis back out to the hotel he'd been staying at.  I then drove Elvis's truck back home & let him have use of my car.  He had mentioned feeling like someone had been following him, not to fail to mention he'd been staying on the northside of Nashville...which is about as seedy of an area one could be in, especially in a nice truck that had some $20,000 in sound equipment in the back of it, even if it was in a locked camper.  Plus, I have full coverage on my car so if something was to happen to it it'd be covered.

Elvis had also mentioned wanting to have a Christmas dinner & just a whole redo of Christmas since his had totally sucked.  I obliged, no big deal and we made plans for Christmas dinner to take place on Monday evening.

January 16
Elvis returned back to the house that Monday morning & drove his truck back to the hotel, I'd moved all his stuff out of his truck the night before & put it in our basement for safe keeping.  I then went grocery shopping after he'd left.  I'd put off the real grocery shopping for wayyy too long & it couldn't really wait much longer.

While I was finishing up at WalMart Elvis called in a half-panic.  Said that he was sure he was being watched & followed & now didn't feel safe at the hotel, alone.  Since he was to be back at our place that evening for Christmas dinner anyways & to spend the night to go to the lawyer's the next day I ran out to get him at the hotel, I had both the kids with me since they were out of school for the holiday and figured it'd be fine.  With the hell he'd been through over the last few days I was confident that some paranoia had started settling in deep.

I got back to the house with him, with no noticeable incidence, Mikeal & I unloaded the groceries & put them away, Brian came in from work, and I made dinner.  - Crab Stirfry over White Rice - YUM & EASY!

A nice calm, relaxing evening...

And then Brian makes mention of someone coming up to his place of employment asking Brian if he knew a British guy.  The company name on the side of the truck was the same as Prissy's maiden name.

Bring on a whole new wave of paranoia...on both Brian & Elvis's parts.

Their refusal to call & report it, with the temporary protective order in place annoyed the piss out of me.  Of course they promised to do it after dinner...then Elvis couldn't leave our place quick enough, so Brian promised to do it on their way to taking Elvis back to the hotel.

UGH!  I was so annoyed with both of them.  But of course I didn't find out about all that until later.

Brian didn't have to be at work on Tuesday & Elvis was wanting to Brian to come back out to the hotel in the morning to pick him up to take him to the lawyer's office here in town in the afternoon.

I told Brian to just spend the night there, it wasn't worth it, especially since it's an hour drive one way from the house to the hotel.  Mikeal took Mikaila to bed with him upstairs & both were out within minutes.

I spent a little bit of time reading my Intro to Criminal Justice book since my classes were starting the next day & I was sure that if I didn't take advantage of the time I had I wouldn't get many chances.  I also cleaned up the house a bit before settling in to sleep.

Oh blessed sleep.  I think it was my 2nd night of actual real sleep since the whole bit began.


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