Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shit Gets a Bit Deeper

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January 7

Both kids are home, it's Saturday, the weather was gorgeous, so I left the door open & let them run amuck as I talked with Elvis, tried to comfort him, & kept myself busy.  I'd had no sleep by this point in a day or two and should have been running on fumes..Elvis also hadn't had sleep for a day or two more...Brian was at work.

Brian was able to get off work early due to sheer exhaustion and was home not long after noon.

Elvis had just left out in my car to go visit Brian at work, so Brian called him to come back to the house.  Elvis seemed quite jittery and upset and confused and didn't really know what to think.

Elvis & Brian developed a plan that Brian would take Elvis out to Missouri to Lady Gold's place to hang out for a bit so he could get a bit of breathing room.  I do have to admit my house isn't the most peaceful of places - two kids, three dogs, a cat...yea, there's only peace here late at night.

The only problem was that Brian would be driving Elvis, leaving no solid way for Brian to get back home, since they were going to be taking Elvis's truck of belongings.  So I volunteered to follow them out there - 10 hours one way - and that as Brian got him settled in, since he had the weekend off, I would drive another 3hrs out to go see my momma since we've not seen her since we moved to Tennessee two years ago & the kids have GROWN.

January 8
Surprisingly the kids did great on the drive.  A few instances of fighting, but not bad...they eventually fell asleep since we didn't leave out until 4pm.  We made it to my momma's at 5:30am, I went to take a nap, finally, at around 6:30...awakened at 10am so that I could get ready to head back to get Brian & then head home.  If all went perfectly then we'd be home no later than midnight and with the kids sleeping in the car & Brian having at least 6 hours more sleep than I had the kids & Brian would be good to go to school & work on Monday & I'd spend the day slumbering.

So much for well laid plans.  I got back to the town where I had to pick Brian up, but for the life of me could not remember exactly where I needed to turn - I'd only ever been there once, less than 12 hours before, at about 2am.  So I tried calling...and calling...and calling Brian.  I did not have anyone else's phone numbers there, so I was SOL until Brian answered the phone.  His phone is a bit wonky ever since I threw a pair of pants of his across the room while gathering laundry & the phone was in the pocket...and I hit the wall directly with the phone...

Anyways, one would think a normal person would be like "hey my wife said she'd be here at 3pm, it's 4pm, there had been some car trouble along the way, lets try calling her or seeing if she's tried to call"...but no.  Not my husband.  Of course I also just have a super cheapy phone that gets 250 minutes a month of talk texting, no email, no tweeting...just 250 minutes of talk time, of which in a normal month I might use 20 minutes.  During this trip I used all 250 minutes.  My phone cut out within the first minute of Brian actually answering his phone, finally.  I'd already tried to see if I could recognize the road for the last hour in this town, calling him constantly...each call taking a minute of my time...

So I was a bit peeved after I finally convinced my phone carrier people to just give me 10 minutes..and they gave me 50....and then Brian STILL didn't answer his phone for a reallllly long time.  To say I was pissed is an understatement.  The kids were hungry, bored, and I was unable to recognize the road.

Eventually it was figured out & the reason I was unable to recognize the road is because I was on the opposite side of town as we had originally came in on....but for the last almost 2hrs I was within 5 blocks of where I needed to be.  This caused us to have to add an extra 2hours to our trip...

January 9
Then add in a detour across the Mississippi River on the way home, through Kentucky through "The Hills Have Eyes" type of Kentucky...and given my extreme lack of sleep...and my tendency to hallucinate when I'm totally exhausted the trip home was HORRID for me.  The trees were extremely creepy.  The ghost towns along the detour were REALLLLLLY creepy.  And overpasses looked like barns in the middle of the road.  Maybe I watch too many horror flicks, but I love them...

Anyways...I also didn't have the return home directions, just the get to this town in Missouri after we FINALLY got into Tennessee and got to a town that we've both been to, granted only once each, but we were in the final home stretch...and only about two total hours behind original schedule.

Then we took a wrong turn.

We ended up in some part of Tennessee that I have no clue what/where it is...except knew it wasn't along the way home...and once we found a highway that went thru our hometown we took it...and by 4:30am...4.5hrs later than schedule we were all home & my nerves were shot.

Brian called into work, thus prompting the need for him to get a doctor's note - there went the money we'd pocketed from this trip.  That sucked.

Mikeal was a complete crap cake so I let him skip school.

Thankfully Mikaila didn't have to be at school until just before noon, so she went & I attempted to nap...and that didn't happen, so still no sleep.

January 10
Most of the day proceeded as normal.  Elvis had called early that morning & sounded human.  He'd slept & had started eating again.  He seemed to be on the mend from the break-up.

At around 8pm he calls Brian again in a panic.  Prissy had started texting him again, angry with him about leaving, and was threatening to press abandonment charges against him for the Saleen still being in her yard and she'd be keeping it.

To be Continued....

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