Friday, January 20, 2012

The House of the Rising Shit


January 5

Brian had been at work all day, I was home, stressed with the kids, when Brian called.  Said that Elvis sounded very upset & wanted him to come over...I wasn't thrilled, but upset friends sometimes come before a stressed out momma - No, I mean that, no sarcasm - mommas are normally stressed out by the time dinner has rolled around & it's getting close to bedtime, especially when the weather is crappy.

Several hours after bedtime Brian gets back home.  Apparently Elvis was very worried about Prissy, she'd been acting quite odd lately & a conversation he'd had with her to try to find out what was wrong only left him upset & she'd left out.  After 5 years their first fight, of sorts...

I have listened to the voice recording her did of the conversation.  She jumps around talking about how she was dying and how she'd felt like she's been in jail since her kids were taken from her...and now that one is in Afghanistan for the next year she'd decided that she's going to sit at home & not leave until both her kids came back.  They're both grown, in their 20s, & she's not had a relationship with them since before they were teenagers.  The way she kept going on & on in the recording sounded like she needed some serious medications & perhaps some counseling....ok and definitely some intense counseling.

Elvis was quite concerned about her & it showed in his opening statement to the recording, as well as during his whole conversation with her.  She sounded like a complete nut case and he was recording the conversation so that he could perhaps take it to her family to listen to the next day or so & convince her to seek some help.

She left that evening & didn't return.

January 6
She had decided she wanted nothing more to do with going on the road with him or doing anything with him, whatsoever.  During their 5 years together, as mentioned in the Introduction, they'd accumulated a number of vehicles.  Each of which were registered in her name, because during this whole time she had lied to him & told him that because he wasn't a full US citizen he wasn't able to register a vehicle in his name.  Because he'd believed these lies he'd made arrangements with Brian to put each of these vehicles in Brian's name.  Brian was okay with that, but wasn't aware of the premise behind the request at the time, it was whatever.

~ Tell me later this shit wasn't planned ~

During the day Elvis met with Prissy so that she could sign the titles to some of the vehicles over to him....mainly a Chevy truck, the Saleen, the Coyote, and another one that escapes my mind, it's not important...The vehicle that escapes my mind he gave to her, told her not to worry about it, he also let her keep the Corvette & the Cadillac...he'd bought them for her, so in his mind's eye they were hers.

She signed off on all of the vehicles, did not fill out the 'buyer name' portion though...

Elvis had a buyer already lined up for the Coyote, so took the title to him, no issues.

That left Elvis with the Saleen Explorer & a Chevy pick-up.

Something happened later that afternoon that caused Elvis's alert to be raised.  He went & talked with Officer Trusted about his concerns about Prissy & Officer Trusted, having know Prissy for a number of years, advised him to leave the house, to take all the guns out of the house, & to go to a safe place.

Elvis called Brian up, very upset, & Brian agreed to go back out there after work to help him pack all his sound equipment, clothes, and personal effects.  Afterall sound equipment is EXPENSIVE & it's his livelihood...and well, with her mental state at the time & the warning from Officer Trusted it's best to not leave anything to chance.  They loaded everything up into the Chevy & came over here to the house....they got here about 4am.

I was worried about them & totally lost on what all was going on, so had a really hard time falling asleep, so was up when they got in.  Brian had to be at work at 7:30am, so I stayed up, drank coffee with them, & was filled in on the bits of the details & the recording from the 5th was played for me...and I agreed that something seemed to be a bit 'weird' about her.

Elvis was quite upset over it all & was having a hard time processing it.  He never did go to sleep, so neither did I, and it was Saturday, the 7th so both kids were home all day....


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