Saturday, January 21, 2012

From a Blue Clear Sky

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January 12 - Early morning.

Actually that's not true.  It was cloudy, overcast, and a drizzly miserable type of day.

Elvis had finally fallen asleep, for the first time in days it seemed and so I was able to also catch a nap.  Of course I slept on the loveseat because Brian & Mikaila were all over my bed, but I seem to sleep better semi-sitting anyways thanks to sinus crap issues...

Around 8am Elvis wanted to take my car to the store to put some gas in it for me & pick up some cigarettes.  A reasonable request since we were near the bottom of the 3rd tank of gas in my car since the 7th and icy/snowy weather was predicted for the evening and I still had to get out later, after I got Mikaila on the bus, to get groceries and I had a doctor's appointment.

At 8:12 Detective Slip knocked on my door.  Elvis had parked his Saleen out front, it's also a quite distinguishable vehicle...only one of 100 or so built with a big sticker across the front windshield that says Saleen.

It's also important to know I live maybe 1.5 miles from the county sheriff's office & the road my house sits on is the main cut-thru for all the cops.  Shift changes occur at 8am, 3pm, and 11pm.  I know this because at those hours there is no shortage, whatsoever, of cops driving by.

Detective Slip asked me if I knew whose vehicle that was sitting in my yard.  Of course I looked at him like he was stupid for asking.  Of course I know who has parked their vehicle in my driveway.  If I didn't they would have already known about it.

I told him yes, it's Elvis's.  He then called over his radio as he explained to me that the Saleen had been reported as stolen.  Then he asked if Elvis was there and I explained he'd left to put gas in my car, etc and should be back in the next 10 minutes or so.  He asked me to call Elvis to come back ASAP.  As I was on the phone with Elvis Detective Slip asked me if I could get into the vehicle & show him the registration paperwork, etc since I'd already mentioned that Brian & Elvis had just gone the morning before to get it insured, registered, etc...

I'm roughly 3 paces behind Detective Slip as Officer Friendly pulls into my drive and I'm on the phone with Elvis, finding out he's just at the bottom of the hill, so will be here in a minute...when it happens.  Detective Slip goes to step down onto the 2nd step of the deck, towards the 2nd level of the deck and lands HARD.  His back hits squarely across the 3 steps that are there..and I slightly cuss.  I know the deck is like a skating rink when it's even slightly wet.  I hadn't had time to tell Detective Slip to be careful before he fell, and of course Officer Friendly had already gotten out of his car & was headed to the house when it happened.

Officer Friendly does the GENIUS thing and calls in over his radio "Officer Down, We need an ambulance".

Remember...we live about 1.5 miles from the Sheriff's department?

Elvis pulls into the driveway.  Officer Friendly has made it to Detective Slip.  And then 6 more officers show up....just as my mail lady delivers the mail.

Of course I also live in a SMALL community and nothing happens that everyone doesn't know about...and I was on overload at that moment.

I went back inside as Elvis grabbed his paperwork on the Saleen & dealt with the officers outside.  Afterall Mikaila was still home and there was really nothing I could do about any of it.

I posted to my Facebook wall for my landlady, etc that would hear about it to not worry about all the cops & ambulance at my house.  It was just a simple case of an officer slipping down the steps & a 2nd officer calling it in as "Officer Down".  Nothing to worry about.

Within another 20 minutes Detective Slip was hauled off in the ambulance & all but Officer Friendly left.  Since it was raining I invited him in to talk with Elvis & to take Elvis's statement.  All of Elvis's paperwork checked out on the Saleen.  Officer Friendly left with a handshake off to save the day elsewhere.

And all was calm....


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