Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blogging about an Annoyance, that is all...

I"m just completely dumbfounded that a woman
who was a MOTHER at the age of 15 would REFUSE to teach her children
the first thing about safe sex practices, saying that if they feel
they're old enough to have premarital sex, then they're old enough to
figure out safe sex for themselves or will have to grow up and deal
with the consequences on their own, because she taught them her
morals...morals that include TWO pregnancies before the age of 18, then
THREE more pregnancies, with three other men, for a total of 5
children, with 4 men! Two of them weren't even semi-serious
relationships, just a weekend fuck!

Not only does she believe that it's best not to teach teenagers the
benefits of safe sex, but she also thinks that she is entitled to
receive wellfare benefits. Neither she nor her spouse have a job, and
he's been out of work for a few years...not because of any other reason
than they get more benefits. A few hundred in TANF, almost $1000 a
month in food stamps, live in a charity home, plus over a grand in
child support payments for just two of the kids....and yet claims to be
a Christian and is passing judgment towards parents who are smart
enough to at least educate their children about safe sex practices,
with the hope that they will abstain until marriage, but have covered
the alternate bases in the least bit, its still ultimately going to be
up to the teen if they actually take the pill, use the condom, etc...

Yea, the Bible teaches abstinence, and that'd be lovely if we could all
trust that all of our children will wait, but even in the most perfect
of circumstances that doesn't happen 100%.

But the Bible also teaches that he who does not provide for his family
is WORSE...WORSE than one with no faith. Now I'm not saying that
getting benefits or help is classified in this, there is a difference
between working and trying and just not quite making it and getting
assistance helps your family, and I'm not saying that a person who
loses their job, gets sick, etc is worse than the faithless one, by the
Biblical standard. He's a loving God, he knows times are tough, hell
these are the last days we're living in, it's NOT going to get better,
period, until God has done away with Satan and the demons, that's just
the way it is. We can prepare ourselves and do all we can, but this
world is only going to get worse, I don't give a flying flip who is
President, or who's in office elsewhere, it's not going to get any
better, we haven't even started seeing the shit storm yet.

But for two parents, of *good health*...yea they're fat, but they're
lazy...VERY LAZY....her major weight loss goal was to get up and walk
about 5 minutes a few days a week...then didn't follow through type of
lazy....but anyways, NEITHER of them work, he hasn't worked in a few
years, she hasn't worked more than a few months. Welfare & child
support pays for their everything, lucky them her oldest children's
father was responsible enough to finish school & actually get a
real job, that gave him more opportunity, etc, so now makes good money.
She divorced him because they weren't going to be qualifying for WIC,
Food Stamps, etc anymore...then claimed abuse, but that she regrets
ever leaving him and really wishes she wasn't married now and he wasn't
married now so that she can get back with him. She's just a blood
sucking money grubbing LEECH!

She leeches to men, trys to win their love by getting pregnant...poor
sap she's currently married too even got talked into adopting two of
the kids that the fathers were dead beats, so that if they ever
separated he'd be responsible for child support on three kids instead
of just his one....she didn't want him to adopt the older two because
their father paid child support, doesn't see them often, because if he
saw them too often he wouldn't be liable for as much child support.

Anyways, I digress.

Judge not, lest ye be judged....yea she's one of "those"
"Christians"...judges all that don't kiss her ass or those who prove
her to be as stupid as she looks. I don't claim to be perfect, and its
not my place to say she's going to really disappointed in the future,
but the cards aren't quite all there in that deck.....

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