Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not sure if it should...

...but it does bother me.

See, today is my birthday. My 29th birthday to be exact.

And no one has called to wish me a happy birthday.

Not my mother.
Neither of my brothers.
Nor my sister.

No one at all. Not even a bill collector.

Kinda shitty, if you ask me since I can remember to call each and every last one of them on their birthdays, their kids' birthdays, and on the anniversaries of the persons that I actually know when their anniversary is. At least where my family is concerned, those folks whom I've known since the day I made an entrance into this world, or since the day they made an entrance into this world.

And they sure can think to call me when they need something or a few days after they hear that my potential area was possibly hit by a MAJOR natural disaster.

I think I'll call my mother up in a few and wish her a Happy Mommy Anniversary. Think she'll remember then?

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