Friday, June 8, 2012

Kids & Facebook

So, about 2yrs ago I broke the grand Facebook laws of no one under age 13 being allowed on the site and set up an account for my son, who was only 8 at the time...he wasn't even aware he had an account until about 6 months ago and has only known the password to log into it on his own for the last month or so...I'd created to assist myself in winning some movie tickets (which worked) and all has been well in the world.  He has 12 "friends"...myself, Brian, a few adult friends of ours & some of their kids who also have Facebook pages at various ages.

Whatever. I control whom has access to his page, who is his friend, and read all the private messages on a fairly regular he ages and gets more involved with talking to people on there and adding friends that I don't know and especially if I don't also know their parents I'll check it more often.  I know everything he does on there and it keeps my timeline from being flooded with his posts from Farmville, Angry Birds, Happy Aquarium, etc...because he & Mikaila love to play the apps.

You know, being the responsible for my child's online activities.  Duh.  Until he is 18 years old I will check his Facebook account as often as I please and will know everything that is going on as far as his online activities are concerned and will check on his online friends and their postings. that I've said my piece about that onto the real potatoes of this post.

Today was one of those days when I decided I'd check out his private messages, especially since he seemed to be quite annoyed with one little gal...she's quite inappropriate for my taste, so she's since been deleted from his friend list.

But I found some real gems in some other conversations he'd had with another gal that I do know...

K is the daughter of a friend of ours/niece to some other friends...she recently made a trip to the Gulf Coast with some family of hers and she has a younger brother who is the same age as Mikeal, was even in his class this last school year...they were giving Mikeal the play by play...this is that conversation:

K: Well we didn't leave till 9 30
M: ok
K: And we didn't get to alabama till 1 in the afternoon
M:  it only takes 3 &a half hours to get there
K: we had to do some stuff in tennessee so it took longer
M: ok
K: And we got to chuck e cheeses at 5
M: okkkk
K: Now we are back on the road
M: oooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
K: Y do u keep saying that?
M: there was nothing else to say

I absolutely cracked up at his frankness with them.  Simple, direct, to the point. 

And as I scrolled further back I came across this was AWESOME!

M: y dont you play games
K: idk just dnt wanna
M: what does idk stand for
K: i dnt know
M: yd you say it

So far though, after scrolling back as far as all the messages go...there's no word yet on who has the drug stash nor where the party is with the free alcohol...must dig deeper to find his alternate account that he uses to discuss those details.

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  1. Lol those little conversations made me smile

    Good on your for taking such a proactive stance on yOur child's safety on the Internet. More parents should be like you!