Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Poor Girl

After a long weekend of fevers that just wouldn't give up I took Mikaila to the doctor on Monday. She has an ear infection. Its been rough as she's never been sick and Mikeal only ever had one ear infection, but I don't remember it being this bad. She's finally on the mend and did finally sleep for a three hour stretch without me holding her, in her own bed....such an accomplishment as she's not slept much all weekend. She's still a bit tempermental this afternoon, but I think more of that has to do more with big brother being a pain on top of her not feeling well.

Sorry I've not updated here for a while but its just been hectic.

We should be getting the final settlement checks from the wreck this week. $4600 for the doctor bills and pain and suffering...not too bad.

My brother, Daniel, got out of prison last week, I expect him to find his way back in there with the way he's going. *sigh*

Brian and I have decided that we're going to be moving this summer. Right now we're saving up for the house, we already have a spot of land figured out to put it on. Kind of a big move for me as I've never lived in that part of the country in my adult life, nor have I ever visited that area, so we'll see how it goes....should go better than when I moved to Indiana though. I'm really starting to really looking forward to it.

I had some revelations the other day and did some soul searching and have decided that I'm done being people's doormats. I've started putting my foot down firmer and its making a few people think twice about some things....I think...I'm hoping anyways. I've also started not biting my tounge so much and letting people know just exactly what I think about their choices in life. I've had it and if me being straight forward in my dealings with people is a problem for them then they have a problem. I'm no longer the quiet, shy person that I was years ago and its time that I'm true to myself to everyone, not just most people for the sake of others' feelings. If you don't want to hear the real truth about how I think you've fucked up and you don't want to own your own life, then I'm not going to feed your desire for acceptance and I'm no longer going to enable you like I have in the past.

You find yourself broke days after payday but yet spend money poorly I'm not going to loan you the money you need. Sometimes you have to be an adult and grow up by taking responsibility for yourself. I own my mistakes, live them, learn from them, then life goes on and making the same repeated mistakes is not being responsible...sadly most these people are parents and in turn are going to be instilling these lack of values and responsibilities into their own children. *sigh*

Unfortunately this trend is not an isolated case, its sadly way too common throughout this country and has thus ;led to the crisis we are in today. I may blog more later about my frustrations, but for now I have other things to tend to.

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