Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All the Wrong Things

I am obviously the worst kind of mother, let me list the ways...

I smoke...sometimes even in my car while my kids are in there.
I make my children pick up after themselves, even when they're at a friend's house.
I let my 13 month old take a bottle of watered down milk to bed with her.
I feed her thinly spread peanut butter on bread.
I also let her have candy, suckers, soda, etc...her favorite is chocolate & Mountain Dew, sometimes even together.
I feed my children Hamburger Helper, hot dogs, and non-organic foods.
I let them drink sugar-free kool-aid type drinks, even with the aspertene.
My 13 month old started eating baby cereal and baby foods when she was only 3 months old.
I started giving her table foods when she was around 6 months old.
I make my children say please and thank you for everything and anything, even working with the 13month old to do so as well.
I make my 6 year old say ma'am and sir when answering an adult.
I do slap my 13 month old's hand or bottom even when she's messing with something she's not supposed to, after I've repeatedly removed her from the situation and told her no.
I have spanked my older one as well.
I do believe in the Ferber cry it out method.
I also believe in letting my child just throw their fit...in the confines of their own room or crib.
I also believe that a child can start being potty trained as soon as they're walking, especially when they're not happy with being in a soiled diaper.

I'm sure there are things that are currently alluding me, so I'll be adding to this list time to time...

But in my defense, I have perfectly healthy children. They're both well mannered and mind well, at least 10 times better than most children their age. My son was potty trained at 18 months old, both night and day, with only a handful of accidents since then. My daughter is on her way to being potty trained now...we're up to three times on the potty, with her telling me, a day. The house is cleaned up on a regular basis without me having to be stressed about doing it all behind them by myself. They are also both very happy, always smiling and laughing, and can light up any room, no matter how bad your day might of been.

And I could not be a prouder momma of the two children I have raised. I love our late night and early morning snuggles. I love the way they both just give me hugs and kisses just because they want to. I love the way they're both so eager to help me, to please me, and to just hang out with me. There isn't much that I don't just absolutely adore about them. And it completely warms my heart to know that my family and friends just absolutely can't wait for me to come over and bring the kids with me.

Some other things I thought of include :
My children have either slept with me or have had a pillow & blanket in their cribs with them, Mikaila even has a huge stuffed dog & bear in her bed.

I no longer try to keep the cat out of her bed either.

The dogs sleep in the same bed as Mikeal.

I will correct my child right then and there, regardless of where we're act or if it'll embarrass him....I believe that if it embarrasses him then he'll be less likely to do it again...so far its worked.

Mikaila had her first bit of ice cream at only a few weeks old...and it was peanut butter flavored ice cream.

I am also a firm believer in being honest with my children when they ask me a question, especially if it is an important matter, I do not sugar coat life things to them, but I also know when the conversation is beyond their grasp of understanding and then the best answer is "Because I said so".

I also believe in making my children work for things that they really want, telling them that doing XYZ is required before reward ABC is rendered.

I am sure I still have other things to add, and will be doing so as they come to me.

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