Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Annoyed. It's petty, really.

Petty little gripe that most will find silly or something.

I have relatively long eye lashes...not freakishly long like my children, but long/thick enough that I don't need fancy mascara to make them look long & thick...

So I have stupid fancy mascara anyways because I was able to get it for free.

Gripe list:
1 - With the lengthing/false looking lashes mascara crap (really, it is crap, do not get the one that is in a purple container that says Falsies) my eye lashes are long enough to get hung on my glasses...in addition to the mascara ALWAYS being super sticky feeling - like someone caked my lashes with sticky gum - so my lashes are constantly sticking to my glasses.

2 - The crap NEVER seems to fucking wash off...BUT also has a tendency to rub/wipe/cry off/smear VERY easily.

3 - Trying to remove it seems futile, unless you sit there and peel the mascara off each individual clumping of lashes, where you can almost guarantee you'll pull 1/3 of your lashes out.

blah. Lame, I know, but I'm annoyed.

ALso? Very glad that that my current annoyance revolves around mascara...besides my final...

It's also way too late after days and weeks of dealing with migraines, people who cause migraines, stress, stress, more stress, and tack on just a wee bit more stress because I really don't think I can stress just how stressed I have been lately.  It's been bad.

And for that, I am thankful that today, my biggest gripe is about mascara.

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