Thursday, July 31, 2008

So, I'm Considered

crazy, radical, weird, you name it...

A lot of people don't agree with my political stance on things, and thats fine, to each their own, I don't judge, I prefer not to be judged, but its all human nature.

Some political points of mine :

I don't believe in abortion, I think its a very disgusting thing and don't agree that anyone, regardless of the circumstance, should kill a child because of the inconvience of having said child. With that said, I know that abortions are going to happen whether they're legal or not, so I do think they should be allowed under the care of a licensed professional...namely under a doctor's care.

I do not believe homosexual relationships are moral, but people are going to do what they're going to do behind closed doors, so why not let them be subject to the laws of other married couples.

I do think this country is run by corporate business, regardless of what the popular vote it, all that matters in the end is whos side has the bigger dollar.

I do know that because of the actions of the current administration, we're headed into a deep depression. But the average American is not without blame. Too many people have lived too long beyond their means, living their whole lives off credit, nothing that they have in their possession is worth a tenth of what they paid for it, and yet they continue spending on credit, taking out ridiculous home loans, second mortgages, buying outlandish vehicles, and have wasted trillions by doing so. The economy is currently crashing, and everyone is looking to the government to bail them out and the government itself has maxed out its credit cards.

People have scorned me, looked down upon me, the like because I'm happy with my older, used vehicles that are paid off, and paid off with cash upon buying them. For the small TV that I own, the cheaper items I furnish my house in, the hand-me downs, the Wal-mart goods in my home, my closet, etc...all things paid for in full, with cash, as I had it. I'm looked at like I'm crazy when I state my plans of living in my small house, planting a large garden, opening my own "veggie stand", canning my own food, working with my neighbors to buy a cow or two, a pig or three, and also raising chickens, all so that I don't have to rely on buying such at the store. When it all crashes...and it will...I'm going to be the one standing on top, I have no real debt, everything in mine and my husband's possession is OURS...there was no credit cards used so we paid asking price and nothing else. We keep things simple, and see no need to have anything outside of our means. We can only watch one TV at a time, and a modest one is just as good as a fancy one, except the fancy huge one puts you into debt, and usually doesn't last as long, so there's no need in a fancy TV...and yet thats usually the first thing someone wants to show off in their home...their big fancy TV, stereo system, complete with multiple gaming systems, things that aren't going to matter in the end, they're going to be worthless. Things are only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, and thats always a hell of a lot less than what you paid for it, especially when its bought on credit.

The banking system is failing as well...all those laws and crap that were passed in the late 30s and early 40s...almost mean nothing now that we're sitting on the brink of another Great Depression, only this time its going to be much worse, people in the 30s knew how to get by during hard times, they didn't have all this credit accumulated, and it was rough for a few years, but it rebounded back...back to what we have today. Its an utter shame.

I feel sorry for people who actually believe that the government can pull us out of this "slump" that we're in...its not going to happen, not without a lot of sharp wake up calls. I expect that within 2 years Brian and I will be in the "higher class" of middle Americans. We're already debt free, none of our assests are part of the banking industry, we own it and it can't be taken away from us to take care of anything we have on credit...cause its all an assest.

I'm not just blowing smoke, its the reality that we're all being forced to way or the other. High gas prices, quick inflation, government cover-ups, administration changes, stealing from Peter to pay Paul, and getting caught, is all it is.

Everyone needs to start taking personal off your debt, quit buying things on credit, go back to the basics...sadly, for most, its already too late. Banks are being shut down, ... 3559.shtml.. --> m --> , lives are being ruined, we're in for a drastic change, you're not going to like it, its not going to be something the government can bail you out of. You're screwed.

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