Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Current Aggrevation

I've been fairly down lately, a lot of things bugging me and not much I can do about any of it.

My mother-in-law has a very bad heart, she saw her cardiologist here for the first time since moving here, on June 12th, he scheduled her for an angeogram the following Monday on the 16...follow-up for that is the 30th of June and shortly after that he'll be putting in a defibulator, pace maker, and something else, I can't think of right now...if she gets stressed out, gets a scare, anything, she can kill over. Doc told Brian that his momma only MIGHT have 3 months to live if she does not follow thru with his instructions and the surgery. Whats really fucked up is that Brian's brother may not learn of any of this because of his wife. His wife has done a great deal to tear that family to pieces...I mean seriously who really calls their mother on Mother's Day to bitch about how horrible of a mother she was and she's the reason that he's had 5 marriages and just unloaded a bunch of bullshit on her...ON Mother's Day...I'm sorry but thats just shitty. Not to mention a lot of the bullshit and drama that his wife has caused/started online.

Brian had been contacted by an ex-gf, a gal that may or may not of given birth to a child of Brian's. Brian's SIL proceeds to email said ex and tell her that we were planning on taking her to court to take her daughter away, regardless of her being Brian's or not...said ex then cut communication between herself and Brian, now we may never be able to find out either way for sure, even though its completely sworn that the girl is not Brian's, thats beside the point, Brian was there for this little girl for most of the mom's pregnancy and almost the full first year of her life before the mother took off and severed contact.

This doesn't even begin to tip the ice berg of bullshit this family has had to endure at the hands of this "Christian" pair.

I feel really bad that right now... things are so bad between the two brothers and the one brother and his mother, that even though anyday without warning their mother could kill over, they won't let him know...the really fucked up part of that is even if their mother or Brian was to call and let him know what was going on his wife would just insist that she's lying, faking, that Brian's playing into her drama, yada yada...and the brother would take his wife's side, regardless of any proof given.

I really want to make a trip out to Alabama to just bitchslap them both!!

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