Sunday, June 8, 2008

I have not been THIS...

...entertained in quite sometime. My son has a flashlight that also has an LCD pinpoint light.

I decided to get it out to play with the kitten, Piston, make her chase it around a little, see what she thought of it. She was not interested and walked off.

Our beagle/pit puppy...DipStick...who is the shortest stockiest dog I've ever known...took to chasing this light. She chased it for a good 30 minutes, back and forth through the living room, kitchen, and dining room, just as hard and fast as her short stubby legs would carry her.

Now during this Mikaila, who's kinda got the idea of how to crawl...forward, is watching this stubby dog chase this light and is just laughing her heart out.

After a little while the dog just gives out, wore her out completely, not even the energy left to walk more than two steps.

At this point Piston comes back into the picture, she sits there and watches with this look on her face like "you're one dumb dog, doing all this running and not catching the light". Piston sits there, analyzes her attack then goes after it, l.a.z.i.l.y.

So I'm having to hold the light still a little longer for Piston to keep even the slightest interest.

Mikaila then reaches out for the light as its not far from her. She's a little shy of the light, so she takes a few crawls FORWARD! She's crawled sideways and backwards, has tried forward, but only has succeeded in going forward by way of belly flops.

Piston by this time has lost interest in the light.

So I go to move the light forward in front of Mikaila, just a couple of inches. She is now "chasing" the light. She proceeds to go after the light...forward, on her hands and knees...all the way across my living room...roughly 10 feet in one direction...turns around and follows it back the other direction, before becoming sidetracked with DipStick laying in the floor just plain tuckered out.

I don't think I've laughed so hard in quite some time.

Short stubby dog chasing the light with all her might...kitten lazily going after the light very thoughtfully...then Mikaila, seeing all the fun those two were having decides to see what all the fuss is about as she just spent the last 45 minutes laughing at the other two.

Had I thought I would of been so entertained and it would of gone the way it did I would of considered video taping it.

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