Sunday, September 7, 2008

I am the latest Victim

...of the idiot drivers. Brian called me just after 11 this morning, needing a new contact, one of his fell out into a vat of used I gather up the kids, get in the van, bring him his new contact lens and some lunch. I come back to the town where I live, and decide to go ahead and go to Wal-Mart to get some more diapers since I was already in town. I stop at the light in town, as it was red. Wait a few minutes, it turns green...just as I go to move my foot off the brake I am already halfway across the intersection. I am in severe pain and Mikaila is screaming, I am also PISSED! I pull over into the parking area on the side of the road, jump out of the van, barely knowing what exactly happened, just freaked out worried about the kids. I unbuckle Mikaila, she calms down in a few minutes, I have to lean against the van to keep myself on my feet, my head is throbbing so badly. Mikeal seems to be fine, just curious as to what was going on...what that thud was and why I'm crying. That is when a young, teenage gal comes up to me, just crying her eyes out, instantly my heart goes out to her, I've been in her shoes before. Her mom was following behind her, so is also there at the scene...had it been the mother that hit me I likely would of slugged her so hard her head would of been spinning like mine was. I call Brian, one of the girls he works with answered the phone, she of course has to know why I sound so upset so I give her part of the story, I've been rear ended, the kids seem fine, I need to talk to Brian. He just hears the part that I've been in an accident, wants to know where, and instructs me to stay right there, he's on his way. I exchange insurance and contact info with the mother and teenager, and I assure them that I will contact their insurance and have it taken care of, no need for the cops to be called...I'm still considered under suspension, meaning I'd get a ticket, I really didn't want a ticket. A little bit later I call my mom to meet us there so she can drive me to her place or back to my place. I was way too dizzy to even stand, much less attempt driving. Brian gets there and flips out because the other driver was no longer there, and the cops hadn't been called yet...he didn't hear me tell him I'd prefer no cops...the cop gets there two minutes later, a report is done, they decide that I need to be taken by ambulance to the hospital to be checked out. Its been 20-30 minutes and I still can't stand on my own and I was nauseous ...I'd just finished eating Taco Bell on my way into town...I make the trip in the ambulance, full restraint. My mom follows behind with the kids so that they can also be checked out. I'm given several x-rays, everything looks to be not broken, just severe whiplash, both kids check out to be just fine, Mikaila has a small seat belt burn/rash by her neck but alright, Mikeal seems to be fine, might have a seat belt bruise show up in the next day or two. My neck, back, and shoulder muscles hurt so bad and are so stiff that it hurts to turn, even my jaw muscles hurt. But I'm basically alright, I'll eventually heal.

My van will likely be totaled, blue book value on it is only about $ just get the parts to fix it is going to cost at least $3500, then labor costs, then a new paint job. My father-in-law, who just gave us the van the first of February called Brian later this afternoon at work, yes he returned to work when we all checked out alright, and is coming out for a visit on the 20th of this month. Brian explained to him about the accident, from what I gather he's just glad that everyone is alright and gave Brian some pointers on how to handle filing the accident with the insurance to get it settled as quickly as possible.

This is the very reason neither myself nor my children EVER are without a seat belt. Mikaila was in her standard infant rear facing car seat and Mikeal was in his booster seat with lap and shoulder belt on.

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