Thursday, September 4, 2008

My LOooooooOONG Afternoon

Some of the BIGGEST IDIOTS drive down this road I swear to it!!! Its been raining here for the last 24+ hours, straight. The roads are WET! Yes, the speed limit is 65 on the highway that runs right in front of my house, yes there is roughly a 2 mile straight stretch, right in front of my house, but in NO WAY does that mean that it is by ANY MEANS SAFE! to be traveling at those speeds in these conditions! An hour or two ago I step outside to sit on the porch, 6 vehicles are traveling down the road, a compact car, an SUV, a bread truck, and three pick-ups behind that. The three pick-ups decide it is a good time to pass the other three vehicles, they start off about the same time, one behind the, less than 3/4 of a mile from where they start passing is a curve in the road...a very blind curve, if you're driving. From my porch I can see the other part of the road, through the pasture...there are a few vehicles headed towards the passers. Truck 1 makes it around all 3 in front of him, truck 2 BARELY makes it around 2 of the ones in front of him. The bread truck SLAMS on his brakes, trying to give truck 3 room to get back in the correct lane, its only a 2 lane out here. Instead truck 3 also slams on his brakes and proceeds to skid...right off into the ditch of the oncoming traffic.

He does not stop there, his truck rolls 2 1/2 times, through a barbwire fence, wrapping the fence around his truck. All and all by the time his truck left the road to the time it stopped he'd traveled almost 150 ft. Fortunately he was the only one involved in the wreck. The really screwed up part of it was I was the only one who called for help, I ran inside when I heard the boom of crunched metal, called the police dept, explained what I'd heard and seen...but because of my angle and distance I could not tell for sure how many were involved, or the exact extent of the wreck, a house sits in my way for complete view. I get off the phone with them finally, pack up Mikaila, and drive down there, its a good 10 minute immediate drive out here from town, granted there is a county cop actually in town. :roll:

I get up there, see that its just the one truck, but its on its top, I park my van in the field as close as I safely can...there was a gate just a little ways up the road... I helped the guy get out of his truck, took what seemed like forever to get him out of the truck, but I did get him out. Since its raining I drove him back to my house to call and find out where the assistance vehicles might be, and let them know where the driver was. An officer will be out in maybe another hour or two I'm told, the fire/rescue dept are already on their way out. I also call the tow guy to have him come out to pick up the truck.

I then drive back to the scene, see that there are cows out in this field. :doh: Great! So I drive to the one neighbor's place, no one home, I drive to another person's place that was close to there, no one home. So I take my mini van across the field to see if there is another gate, there usually is, that I can try to herd the cows through so that they don't get out into the road. I was in luck, there was a gate, a barn, and a feed bucket. By beating on the bucket I get their attention and they easily herd into the other part of the field. THANK GOODNESS! I go to drive back across the field...and get stuck. :doh: :roll:

Lucky for me it turns out that the tow truck gets there, he's just right up the road around the other corner from my house, so maybe 3 miles from where we're at. It also turns out that this is HIS pasture, and gives me a free tow out of the field. :happy: For corralling his cattle.

I am now drenched, back home, just in time for Mikeal to get home off the bus. Did I mention I was wearing a pair of black leggings and a long white t-shirt to do all this in, sans bra? Mikaila took her nap in the carseat through the majority of this, and never seemed to mind. I am STILL waiting on the highway patrol to come out and take a report. :roll: :doh:

So after I get Mikeal ushered in the house, he was taking his time getting in the house, because he likes to play in the rain, my phone rings. Its Brian's Aunt, the one that took his mom down to TX. Supposedly, according to Brian's mom we, as in Brian, myself, and the kids, are moving into a large house in Austin, TX tomorrow, and its big enough for her to move in with us, and that is the plan. That is the reason she's not going to pay rent at an apartment that AIL had found for her, that she can afford, and she supposedly can't afford to pay the deposits on the, cable, internet...that she mentioned. Also MIL called AIL's mother and told her that AIL said she could live with her for 6-12 months, and that she (MIL) was not welcome to even eat dinner with the rest of them, also MIL told AIL that if she makes her move out before Brian and I had our house there in Austin ready for her to move into that she would OD on her medications, and that she WILL succeed this time. OY!!! So AIL calls telling me that Brian needs to come pick up his mom TODAY, or at least figure out something to do with her. I told her to call the mental hospital and have someone come pick her up because she's taking all these medications, that she has no business taking, she's threatening suicide, and is highly delusional...all VERY true facts. She wanted me to call Brian and talk it over with him. He seconded my suggestion without me saying what I'd told AIL. We don't know what else to do. She refuses to help herself, she refuses to let anyone else talk to her docs and specialists to see what all needs to be done for her to be properly taken care of, and we're all at the end of our ropes with it. She threatens to OD if she doesn't get her way, I'm sorry, but this childish bullshit has GOT to end!! And this is the only thing we know of to do to help her. We tried when she was here, AIL has tried in the last two months or so that she's been there, MIL's grandmother has tried, other family members there have tried, she can't tell a truthful sentence to save her life, AIL has also caught her shoplifting. :evil: :gaah:

To top it all off, Brian doesn't get home until around 9 tonight, and I'm so ready for a long, hot bubble bath and stiff drink right now that I could scream and it not do any good!

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