Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Day Gone to Hell...again

Ok, I've only had Mikeal's surprise birthday party planned for 2+ weeks. Planned to be held at my house, the time being after Brian gets off from work.

I called my mom earlier, asked her if she wouldn't mind taking the kids for a little while...granted I've lived back here in this area for 13 months now, her only granddaughter is almost 9 months old, and she has yet to babysit for more than 20 minutes, TOTAL! Anytime I do ask she has some lame excuse or just plain doesn't want to. Well, today my sister and her little boy are going to be there. Mom said she'd come pick them up after she gets done with her grocery around noon. I call her at 2 to find out if she's still going to be coming to pick them up...yes she'll be there, but she's going to wait on my sister to get to her house first, my sister was on her way...its an hour's drive, my step-dad will be home, and so whats the big deal? 45 minutes later my mom calls me to let me know that she'll getting ready to be on her way, still has to stop at the store, my sister is coming with her. And wants me to just go ahead and have the party at her house. WTF!!! My sister's idea, since my mom's house has better AC...yea, only in the living room...not in the kitchen where I'd be doing the cooking...which I won't be able to do there because I'm BAKING some of the food, my mom's oven doesn't work, and she's not replaced it. Argument toilet is messed up...umm I fixed that yesterday! Argument 3 If they do come get the kids they won't have anyway to bring everyone back to my house for the party...umm my sister took her own vehicle, room for 7 in there, only room for 5 in my mom's car...which they're taking.


If it was going to be this much of a fucking inconvenience for them to come over to my house for a birthday party for my son why do I even fucking bother! You didn't hear me bitching when my sister wanted to have a fucking blow out for her son, at a location no one knew where it was, an hour away, me with a newborn, healing from a c-section, AND broke, I figured it out and I went, knowing it'd be rude of me to not go, even though I sat there and only one person there even said hi to me, and that was some chick I have no clue who she is, just some friend/family member of Samantha's husband...and she just commented on my cute baby.

Just fucking forget it, don't fucking bother, just don't come, Brian, the kids, and I will just have his party, although we already gave him his presents from us, but we'll just have the cake ourselves, and they can just go fuck themselves. I'm sick and tired of it. I plan something, something that I'm paying for, something thats cleared by everyone the first, third, tenth time around that its perfectly fine, and what do they do...EVERY FUCKING TIME last minute my plans aren't good enough. It was that way with my dad's funeral, that not even his own siblings attended who lived there in town. It was that way with my baby shower...that no one attended. That way with my wedding shower, that again no one attended. That way with my brother's Marine graduation party, that they (brother included) showed up late for by two hours. That way for my house welcoming party that no one showed up for.

I'm done, this is it. Good friends of mine refuse to show up for things because my mom and sister will be there, and then they don't even show, I'm tired of it. From now on I'm going to invite my friends, and my family can go suck themselves! :evil:

:roll: So they went ahead and showed up, an hour before the party was supposed to begin, and instead of taking the kids like I'd asked they just stayed here since it was so close to time... :evil: THE WHOLE POINT of me asking them to take at least Mikeal was so I could decorate. It was supposed to be a surprise party. :evil: They were also supposed to bring paper plates and the travel high chair for my nephew. Neither of which they remembered. He dumped his whole plate of food on the floor, which fortunately I have a dog that cleaned up, cause she sure as hell didn't. Then he grabbed her plate, and since we're having to use my glass plates, it was broken all over my concrete tiled floor...guess who had to clean that one up too. Yea. I'm used to doing cake and then presents, its just the way we've always done it. Nope, Samantha orchestrated for Mikeal to go ahead and open his gifts, I'm still eating my dinner because it was interrupted quite a few times, so I didn't even get pictures because it was done with before I found what they'd done with my camera they were all playing with while I, myself, cooked dinner for everyone, with three kids under my feet while they all chatted outside. They were also supposed to do the dishes, they'd offered since they'd forgotten the paper plates. They left as soon as their cake was devoured, barely even a bye, and forget a thanks for dinner and cake mention. No, I'm sorry, I've got to jet, its getting too late...just a snotty well I'm leaving you're just going to have to do them yourself.

Yea, Brian and I have had it. My sister is definitely no longer invited, and my mom's not welcome if she brings my sister. I've had to deal with it for a year, I'm done. I'm tired of being treated this way.

Goes on about how *small* my 37" or 42" TV is...I can't remember, cause I don't care, in comparison to her 61" TV...that I remember because she rubs it in every time I flippin see her. Goes on about how she has a Montero and how she'll never have a mini van :blah: I'm sorry, I like my minivan, its gets more than 12 miles to the gallon AND its COMPLETELY paid for.

UGH. I just hate her holier, mightier, better than thou attitude.

All and all Mikeal had a decent birthday party, it should of been better, but there is always next year.

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