Thursday, August 28, 2008


We got a new kitten today, his name is Spark Plug. Piston (our female kitten) does not like him. My mail lady found him behind some dumpsters while she was working her route and took him with her in hopes of either finding a home for him or taking him home where she already has 5 new kittens...I took the kitten, she caught me off guard while I was outside working on my tomato plants.

I also realized...after Mikeal got home...that they do not have school again until Tuesday...completely threw off my plans for tomorrow, oh well, he'll just have to tag along.

My plans for today were ruined because I had to wait on UPS to deliver our new XBox because the old one fried...hopefully this one doesn't house is again filled with the sounds of Guitar Hero III.

I did get my catch all room mostly cleaned up and re-organized, we'll see how long that lasts.

Mikaila is cutting more teeth and was highly cranky today, and did not take a nap...nice for me. .. Not really. But as soon as Brian came in she went to him, I made her another bottle, and she went right to bed. Stubborn child.

But thats basically it in a nutshell, I worked hard all week to get my house in pristine shape and today Mikaila put to use her mobility to make sure that now it looks like a tornado blew threw.

But there's always tomorrow to start all over again.

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