Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bulldog Wrestling

Well, Mikeal had his first wrestling practice today. He didn't do too badly...did a lot of "not paying attention" but not bad for it being his first ever experience with wrestling...I can't even say that he's ever seen the showman wrestling (manly staged soap opera) that's popular on TV. He did well though!

Mikaila kept wanting to join in on all the "fun". LOL She kept trying to run with them, do their stances, then get completely tickled pink before squealing & twirling in circles.

I tell you what though...my body is aching from just WATCHING them practice! But I'm sure it'll do Mikeal a lot of good, and seeing as I'm going to be helping him practice for his practices I'll soon be doing a great deal of basically lunges & squats! THAT ought to be FUN!

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