Monday, November 30, 2009

I think I'm forgetting something

And I can't figure out what it is....

Today : Pay bills I wasn't able to last week because of the holiday & Mikeal had play practice - check

Tuesday (Dec 1) : Grocery shopping & then Mikeal has wrestling practice & I have a meeting with the wrestling parents, deadline for newspaper entries. Also deadline for fundraiser.

Wednesday (2nd): ??? & Mikeal has play practice..maybe the play practice is what I was forgetting??????until I typed it out anyways.

Thursday (3rd): 11am appt with my child support case worker; Mikaila has speech therapy at 2pm; Mikeal has wrestling practice from 6pm-8pm

Friday (4th): taking the van to the Ford dealership 1.5 hrs away, be there at 1pm, already made arrangements for Mikeal to be picked up from school. Hopefully we'll be able to get in to talk to the gal about the grant on the same day, since she's in the same town....

Monday (7th): Furnace went out on Saturday, hopefully the part needed is in stock, I have to stick around in the morning for it to be fixed...Play Practice

Tuesday (8th): Due date for paper entries; Wrestling Practice; guy coming out to look at our well and give me exact quotes on what work needs to be done to get it up to par or if a new well will need to be dug.

Wednesday (9th): Court hearing at 9:30am, again, against the ex; Play Practice

Thursday (10th): 10am WIC appointment; Pay bills- Phone, electric, insurance, stove, & 1/2 rent; Wrestling Practice

Saturday (12th): Mikeal has a wrestling tournament, this involves getting up at 4:30am, spending all day around screaming folks, and work in some Christmas shopping..???? Christmas Parade in Grove & Jay.

Sunday (13th): Mikaila turns 2

Monday (14th): Play Practice

Tuesday (15th): Due date for paper; Wrestling Practice

Wednesday (16th): Play at the school, during the day; child support court at 1pm, if they get the jerk served his papers.....he's in the jail, as of the 1st of the month, or so, known court dates are earlier in the month, hopefully the modification hearing will be held before he is released or bonded out. Court at 9:30am.

Thursday (17th): Mikaila has therapy at 2:30pm; Play in the evening for parents, etc, Mikeal unable to go to wrestling practice.

Monday (21st): Help out in Mikeal's classroom because his teacher will be gone

Tuesday (22nd): Due Date for paper; Wrestling Practice

Wednesday (23rd) thru Sunday (Jan 3rd): No School

Wednesday (30th) thru ???: Brian's dad and step mom will be here. Official Christmas dinner one of these days.

I'm hoping I am able to survive, outside of a straight jacket, by the time I start working on my New Year Resolutions......

I have other things to add to this month's list of "to-do" but I haven't gotten the exact details yet....

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