Thursday, May 6, 2010

Miss me?

I know it's been a whole month. I have PLENTY to blog about, that's not the problem. Between being on dial-up, appointments for the kids, my own school work, hanging out with friends, hanging out with the husband, enjoying spring, dealing with spring and it's tendency to rain just a *little* bit too much once in a while, household chores, school work, and being outside I've greatly neglected my blogs.

I'll get back in the swing of it...eventually.

Right now it's 2am. I've been up since 7am. The boy FINALLY has school again, for the first time this week, due to the rain over the weekend, so I must get out of bed, tread upstairs, awaken him from his slumber and make sure he actually puts on CLEAN clothes for school, at 6 in the morning.

Just in time for the girl to arose from her slumber, granted she's still sleeping on the loveseat by that time and not laying on my chest. She migrated roughly an hour ago to the loveseat. Daddy is sleeping ever so loudly on the couch.

Those two make a great pair. They have the purring capacity of an old worn out diesel engine Dodge that's missing it's tailpipes. And sleep through each other like gravy on biscuits.

Ironically I've never ONCE heard the boy snore. I kinda miss the nights where I was a single mom and he'd crawl into the scratch that, I don't...the boy may not snore, but at 18 months old he could kick me out of a king size bed quicker than I could move to the other side away from his swift long legs and pointy elbows. I can at least wear ear plugs for the other two, without quite so many bruises.

So my excuse for neglecting my blog is simple. I'm on dial-up, give me a break. Anything I do attempt to do online takes 900 times longer and I get 4000 times more frustrated and just plain annoyed with being online. Then there are my classes. I'm going to school ONLINE. Every last little tidbit of my classes are ONLINE. INCLUDING the books I have to purchase. They're e-books. I'm now currently out of ink from printing pages from these books. Between the paper, that I've mastered printing on both sides to use and the ink I'm thinking that it would of been cheaper had I just bought the damned things, both online and physically. Alas that was not an option. Then there's those social network sites...Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, other people's blogs, and forums that I'm a member of that I make some sort of half-assed attempt to keep up with. I really don't for the most part. MySpace is eh at best. Facebook is alright, I do well with it. Twitter, when I remember about it sitting there are a little blue dot at the corner of my browser...or blue boxes that pop up, just as I'm trying to click a link right here...blogger...well, I just spent the last few hours catching up on a blog that entertains me greatly! WhyIsDaddyCrying'll have to look him up, I've already closed the window to link it, and I suck at coming back and editing my blogs. ESPECIALLY blog entries that I write as my contacts are drying out and I've resolved to not smoke another cigarette...starting roughly an hour ago...yes, I'm serious....and I'm horribly sleep deprived. The sleep I got late last week because I was shitting piss dog ass sick was HEAVEN.

Anyways. I'm seemingly ALWAYS online, but never getting anywhere because of this crappy dial-up.

Other news, that I will be posting pictures of and having a piece to say about...that rain I talked about earlier...the rainfall was 18 inches in less than 36 hours. Many communities in and surrounding Nashville, TN are annihilated. Opryland Hotel - under 10 foot of water. Complete sections of the highway - sitting on people's rooftops or just sunk 20 feet down a sink hole or maybe have even found their way to Alabama by now. They're calling it a 100 year flood.

Still yet other news...the week before the flood my husband's hometown, where his father and many family members still live, was also ass-raped. Not by flood waters, but by an EF3 tornado. Ironically, on exactly the same date (April 24, I believe), 102 years ago the town of Albertville, AL was hit by a massive tornado that devastated it....the real kicker - both storms took almost the exact same path all the way through town. I have pictures of this too.

So, while it may seem that I've been quite neglectful rest assure that I am only neglecting my blog because I have other fish to fry, and those fish are a bit more important right now.

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