Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tiny Minds go with Tiny Towns

So we moved to the westside of Nashville at the end of February from an itty bitty dying town in Oklahoma...you're that far up to speed, right?

We live in a nice big house, kids are growing, life is grand. Brian quit the stupid company that kept leading him on that they were actually going to give him a deserved promotion, a decent wage - heck, after 3 years he was still making less than new teenagers off the street who didn't know shit, but yet because he needed to work and was good at the job he stayed with it...no other options in a small town.

So today I call Grandpa David and talk to him about some information I found out about Mikaila and her speech delays.

He goes on to tell me about one of the small minds that works for the same company that Brian used to work for, but at a different store, so never actually worked WITH Brian. David had gone into the store to get something for his truck...and the tiny mind at the counter went on to spew his bullshit.

Apparently Brian and I are now divorced because I'm a wretched wench. Hmm...if you were to ask me I'd say our marriage is MUCH MUCH better than it has been in a LONG time because of these tiny minded influences.

Brian has also apparently been fired from his job and is now living with his dad....I've ran off with the kids to who knows where.

What makes it even more laughable is the fact that the guy spewing the sewage didn't work at the same store as Brian. I've only seen him a handful of times. And he wasn't a guy that Brian really hung out with...I've only seen the guy a small handful of times when I'd go into that store for something. So, it's safe to say that he knows neither Brian nor myself.

And he's spilling all these "juicy details" to Grandpa David...a man that I talk to on a semi regular basis, I talk to Grandma Pennye MUCH more often for long periods of time. David also keeps up with me on FaceBook...so is quite aware of what I'm doing and upto on a regular basis.

Man...how I wish I could of been a fly on that wall when he laid into him and got him caught up on the real facts.

But it also goes to prove some of my suspicions...I've left that town a number of times...and every time I wind up back there I have to kinda cock my head to the side and raise an eyebrow at some of the things people have asked me about my life since leaving that town... I'm quite the popular subject around there, and I'm not even a native to the town, NOR have I EVER slept with anything from that town. I moved not far from there when I was 12 from out-of-state - about 15 miles from there - and went to school another 15 miles beyond that town, so 30 miles away....moved away for a while. Came back to the area when I was about 23, lived in the small minded town for almost a year - MAN that year sure did leave some impressions...I guess... Lets see...I refused to date or sleep with anyone. I worked at the processing plant aka chicken slaughter house. Didn't go out. Didn't drink. Didn't do much of anything. Didn't even have my own vehicle. Moved back a little over a year later, got married there, had Mikaila there, left about two and a half years later...aka the end of February this year...

hmmm...Sure is nice being a small town celebrity...

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  1. Miranda Lambert says it best.... "We all die famous in a small town!"