Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mirena Drama

Well...I didn't miss my appointment today.

But the damned thing was not removed.

I have to go have an ultrasound done on the 16th or 17th to see if it's even still here. *sigh*

If it's in there then I'll have to find a gyn to remove it. That procedure could be as "simple" as them physically forcing my cervix open and pulling it out to me having to be put under anesthesia, my cervix being dilated and the Mirena basically surgically removed.

If it's not in there then I suppose all is well and hopefully AF shows her face OR they see a heartbeat at the ultrasound appointment.

I'm going to buy a few tests in the next week or so. IF my calculations are correct AND the Mirena has fallen out I should see AF no later than the 10th if I'm not already pregnant.

I've had the Mirena for a little over 2 years and in that two years I have felt pregnant every month when AF would be due, but never any bleeding. Back on the 6th-8th of this month I had what could be called just a bit of spotting, but it was brown blood...but still the biggest hint of an AF than I've had for the last two years. I also didn't go through my monthly "normal false pregnancy" symptoms this month. I also should be ovulating this week but haven't really noticed it like I have every month for the last two years....but right now everything feels sore and bruised anyways from all the "jacking" poking, and prodding that was done to me a few hours ago in their search for the Mirena strings.

I've always said I prefer "surprise" pregnancies over trying to plan for one and that I'd "ideally" get pregnant before going to have the Mirena removed, by it falling out and me getting pregnant and being none the wiser...Now I get to wonder if that actually happened... It'll be Friday, at the earliest, before I can get some tests...

I'm taking a test on Friday...then if it's negative I'll be taking one a week and the morning of my ultrasound...just so that I'm not "shocked" if a heartbeat or at least a bean shows on the ultrasound...

But mostly praying that if I do get a + result that the Mirena isn't in there... If the Mirena does show AND a pregnancy shows I have to go have the Mirena removed. Either way with it still there and a pregnancy my chances are 50/50 of the pregnancy not being viable. *sigh* 50% if I leave the Mirena in there for the pregnancy and 50% if I have it taken out.

My best options at this point are 1) I'm pregnant and the Mirena fell out beforehand 2) I'm not pregnant and AF shows her face if the Mirena isn't there 3) the Mirena is there, I'm not pregnant, and the strings are able to be found and it easily-ish is removed....those are my "best" scenarios.

Worst case scenarios: 1) The Mirena is there and I'm pregnant, hence the reason my cervix is closed up tight and the strings aren't visible to be pulled because my uterus has grown 2)The Mirena is there, but I'm going to have to have to be put under anesthesia, be dialated, and it removed 3) not be put under and they force it open to remove the Mirena.

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