Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Montgomery Bell State Park

Since the state park is only about 3 miles from the house we often take the kids down there. Once in a while we meet up with some other friends of ours who have a batch of kids between them, plus run a daycare. It's loads of fun! There's one section that had a full playground and a small stream that runs through the backside of the playground. We've had picnic lunches and BBQ'ed dinner out there a few times. Just loads of good (free) fun...not to fail to mention the fact that Mikaila often passes out HARD after a few hours of playing there.

Mikaila has gotten herself into a pattern of activities for when we go there. She plays on the slide/jungle gym that's there for a while. Then switches over to swinging for a while...at this point dinner or lunch is ready to be served, if we didn't eat beforehand, and we go eat. After that though she's in the water! After an hour or three we're finally able to get her away from the creek, where she'll then go back to the swings for a few, then it's time to go home. She fights the going home part, but not for too long. After a little while she's just asleep.

I got a few awesome pictures the other day of the kids and some of their friends.

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