Saturday, June 19, 2010

You Might Get Lucky

I have cut down on some of my other online activities...okay, I'll admit to it. I behaved in an not as childish of a manner, but still a childish manner in reaction to others' childish ways and now I have some 30 less people to have to "deal with" on Facebook and am no longer a part of some forums. I'm also getting ready to finish my last day of class until next week, so who knows, you may get pretty lucky this month as I let go of all this word diarrhea.

I also no longer really care if my stalkers wish to stalk me, that's on them. They no longer know where my husband works or our current phone number, so the tension at home over their bullshit is just gone in that aspect, so I feel a bit liberated. Plus, I love my current blog domain name and have no desire to create a new one. Call me lazy, too, if you want but I also wish not to pack up this blog and move it. Then there is the small point I made some time ago where I said I wasn't going to let others' influence my blog and well I broke my promise to myself on that note for a while, but I'm "back" now.

I have real friends and family members that do enjoy reading what I have to post and it's not fair to them for me to withhold on the account of immature people who claim to be adults. So from the abyss of trying to appease people I am reviving my blog. Just as a refresher read this post.

Have a Happy Reading! I must now go finish getting laundry done, the house cleaned, and some floors scrubbed so that I may go out for dinner and swimming later with friends! <3

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