Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Well, that sucks.

So a week or so ago I made this blog post yay...woohoo...

And then last week everything just imploded on us.

On Saturday of last week Brian had had enough of his original job, that he was still working at, so called in on Sunday and told them to (politely) fly a kite.

We spent a lovely day together as a family, after more than a month of barely seeing him, it was AWESOME!

Then Monday he went to work, all went well, as one can expect a work day to go.

Monday afternoon Mikeal comes home from school and with his arrival home we learn he'd earned himself 3 days vacation from riding the bus back and forth to school.

I wasn't terribly happy because if you'll remember, we bought a truck in December, it 'died' four days later, the top half of the motor was rebuilt over the next two months...and here we sit a few thousand dollars sunk into it later and the whole engine is completely seized up - YAY we get to put a whole new motor in it. So because the truck won't move under it's own power we only have one vehicle, meaning I'd have to get up at 7am, get ready for the day, get Miss Mikaila up for the day, take Mikeal to school, then take Brian to work, have Brian to work by 8:30, Mikeal to school before 8am; Brian works 45 minutes out one way, one direction, Mikeal goes to school 10 minutes the other direction, from the house. I'd then have to go pick up Mikaila from school those days at 2:45, because her bus drops her off at 3:10, but Mikeal is out of school at 3:05, then go home, chill out for a bit, do homework, then leave out at 4:30 to pick Brian up from work at 5:30, get home, cook dinner, and get the kids in bed by 8:30. Wash, rinse, repeat, three days. I am NOT a morning person, at all!

Monday evening came and the (new) boss called and asked Brian to come into work 30 minutes early...weird, but okay...just means my day just started 30 minutes earlier. (I wasn't pleased, but what was I going to do about it?)

Tuesday morning rolls around...get Mikeal off to school a touch early...get Brian out to work, and stick around to find out exactly what the early morning conference was to consist of because we were both slightly worried. The new boss is a great guy, the pay is great, Brian did a great job, but it is, afterall, just a small family owned & ran business, and things can get volatile, quickly.

Fears were confirmed when the owner said he'd love to keep Brian on board, but he doesn't have the time to really help train Brian on the things he still needs to learn, so when he takes time from his vehicles to help Brian with his so they're both losing money. As we all know, money makes the world turn...its not gravitational force as some scientists would want you to believe. So Brian finished up a few things around the shop, boss paid him what was owed to him, with a bit extra (which was awesome)...

Its been a week, maybe two...I haven't kept track.

I love my husband...I really really do.

But we're both going crazy with all this time together...especially since I have been sick with this stupid pneumonia crap and have pages and pages of homework to do and get done. This is my first real semester with a full-time class schedule and its just been a *bit* challenging with the sicknesses, the stress from many angles, and sickness.

BUT Brian expects to be working soon, all our bills are still paid up, the cupboards are stocked, and I only have one week of assignments left before I get a 10 day break from classes. Next week I'm hoping to have the rest of my student loan stipend money and with that I'll be purchasing the new (used, but operable) engine for the truck and if all goes smoothly the truck will be running within a week or two, so I'll have a vehicle again. And Brian should know sometime this week where he'll be working.

It does suck though that I'm putting the purchasing of my new dishwasher off to purchase the engine for the truck, but Mikeal makes a decent substitute in the meantime.

So all is well that ends well, such is life and had it not been for the threat of possible shoulder surgery that we prepared for in February we would not be able to weather this hiccup, but we're weathering it and I've seen evidence of Spring, so I'm content.

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