Friday, March 4, 2011

Things that Suck

Vacuum cleaners suck. They suck better after you've cleaned the filters and components...especially the canister that collects all the Legos, socks, sucker wrappers, and dirt that accumulates, quickly.

Vehicles suck. Unless you keep them clean and maintained, then they'll run like a dream until the end of time. This doesn't just include the interior & exterior...this includes everything under the sure you know what fluids to use and refill low fluids with. Nothing is worse on a vehicle than using the improper fluids.

Bathrooms suck. Unless they're cleaned and spotless! Nothing is more disease ridden than a dirty bathroom - use bleach!

Kitchens suck. They're filled with awesome wholesome goodness, but the moment things aren't properly cleaned and cared for they become deadly.

Wives suck. They suck better & more often when the item they're sucking on is cleaned and I REALLY need to elaborate?

Feel free to add to the list of things that suck below. :)

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