Sunday, October 18, 2009

Its been a while.

This past week or so has been one that I hope I can get over soon. Just plain exhausting!

Mikeal came home from school sick. Thought it to be the flu since it's pretty thick in the area, I called the nurse, got her recommendations on it, followed all to a T. After not running a fever for a whole day I thought he was on the mend until he went to sleep, then his fever came back with a passion as well as severe respiratory distress...turned out he had tonsillitis. One shot to the butt and he was well enough to go back to school that Monday, after getting sick the Thursday before.

Mikaila had an evaluation done by the Early Intervention lady on Tuesday. Mikaila scored amazingly well in every area - except her speech. I take her back in tomorrow morning for a more in depth evaluation, plus will be trying to get her on the waiting list for Head Start in this area. I think it'll do her a great deal of good!

Brian got himself in at the free clinic in Grove on Thursday. He's set up to go have blood work done in the morning to test his thyroid levels, I'm quite confident that it'll come up that he does indeed have a thyroid problem. He'll also be getting his knee x-rayed & from that the doctors will try to determine if surgery is going to be needed to repair the damage done to his knee some 15 years ago, courtesy of his brother with a sledge hammer. The doctor did give him a medication for him to take in the meantime for his depression, but I took care of those because its the same exact script that was given to him right before he had a severe mental break and ended up in the hospital for 10 days while he was bounced on and off other medications - medication that proved to be of no benefit to him, but a $1500 script bill each month, plus about $300 a month in blood tests and doctor visits to make sure the meds weren't destroying his liver and such. I'm praying that the $4 thyroid med will replace all of that.

I bought some knitting looms and yard on Thursday. I've already made a scarf for Mikaila and Mikeal made a hat, originally for himself, but it's a bit small for him. It looks good on Mikaila though. I'll be done with Mikeal's scarf later this evening, I hope.

Mikaila has been doing wonderfully with her potty learning, however about the time she was done with diapers she figured out how to escape the pack-n-play and has yet to take a nap. A blessing in that she generally goes to bed about the same time as Mikeal...a curse in that many times she goes to sleep, then gets up a few hours later and its a PAIN IN THE NECK to get her back to sleep before daylight...making for a VERY tired momma!

I'll be posting pictures in a day or two of the kids' scarves that I've made, as well as other pictures that I've taken. I might even grace y'all with pictures of Brian's new toy - a 1982 Nissan 280Z. It has the T-tops, blah blah blah...pretty snazzy, just needs a good sanding down, then primered, some paint, new upholstery, and everything under the hood re-done. Basically its a piece of junk that will start, that after some work will apparently be worth something. Can't really complain though, it was free!

Also noteworthy-ish : My ex-mother-in-law contacted me about Mikeal - first time in over 4 years, at least...that's a whole post in itself that I'll get around to later. Another child support hearing is set for Wednesday. My ex-husband is a douché. But these details are going to be saved for another day or during a sleepless/stressful night.

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