Tuesday, October 13, 2009


:biggrin: Sometimes it pays to take the trash off myself.

:shock: :shock: This is the condition I FOUND this trunk in! Tags are even still on it! It just has a bit of broken trim on the top, but that might cost me a whole 25c to replace! Its roughly 36" long x 24" wide x 18" deep.

I have a new, lockable, trunk that I'm going to store my sewing & craft things in!!!! I have a tote box I keep it in now, and a few other boxes, etc that I keep it all in...some in places hidden from Mikaila because she can open freaking everything! But this locks and is a bit difficult even if its not locked! I'm so :woohoo: about it! The keys were even in the bottom of it. Almost like someone bought it, noticed the defect, and just threw it away. :shock: Wish I had money like that to just throw away...but on the other hand glad they do, for my benefit. :giggle: :embarrassed:

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