Saturday, October 31, 2009

On this Day, in 2007

I married my best friend. Like all best friends life around each other isn't always peaches and cream! We have our ups, downs, falling-outs, making-ups, good times, and bad times. Despite all of it we've always found a way to work out the issues and rejoice at the end of the days.

We had a simple ceremony, just us, Mikeal, & two dear friends of the family to witness, before the county judge - Judge Littlefield. Now she doesn't have the best of reputations around here, at least not according to those who like to continuously break the law - go figure, huh - but she's been spectacular for everything I've ever been before her for - a divorce from my ex-husband, child support order that's gone unfulfilled by said ex-husband, that is still constantly on-going, and my marriage to Brian. When things are lined up properly and if we're still living in this area she'll also be the same judge to grant Brian's adoption of Mikeal.
The ceremony she preformed for us was quite beautiful, in no way did I feel like it was some sort of textbook, by rote selection of vows that she had us repeat. I really wish I would of had a video of it so that I could look back on it & know exactly what she said...truth be told I was so over joyed that it was difficult for me to stay focused long enough to remember what she was saying, as she was saying, in order for me to "repeat after her". I kept getting flustered every time Brian would look at me or smile at me, and it was just like living some sort of dream that even now gets be a bit flustered.

Its hard to believe that I just met him a little over 5 years ago and now we've been married for 2 years.

But after the small ceremony, when we were all signing the license, she did the most awesome thing I've ever seen or heard of being done, she had Mikeal sign the very bottom corner of our marriage license, he was just 5 at the time, but had had enough practice at writing his name that he was able to do so, I will always cherish it! Mikeal is a big part of our life, as is Mikaila, but she still had 6 weeks of "baking" left before she made her appearance.
The commitment to the beginning of the rest of our lives was sealed with a kiss.....

Happy Anniversary Brian! I love you more than I'm able to express!

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