Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Marriage Proposal

Brian's "official" proposal came at the oddest of times for me. We'd broken up in January, but still shared the apartment - different rooms, the works, he was my live-in child care provider to put it shortly. March 27th I'd gotten a call that my dad had passed away, Brian went with me to my mom's place, since it was an 8hr drive one way and I had to plan my trip around my work schedule, - got off work at midnight on the 28th, he drove us up, we spent the first day with him sleeping through the first half of the day, then went over to my grandma's that afternoon to get away from my mom's house for a few. We were late getting back to my mom's house for dinner, so it was just the two of us in the dining room eating. Now my mental state of being wasn't quite up to par, I was upset with my dad's siblings that lived there within a 20 mile radius of my mom's place where everything was taking place, but they opted not to even show up, but did call to harass me about the arrangements, even though I lived 600 miles away and was making the most of what I was able to seeing as ALL of it was thrown onto me to take care of. I was also WAY overtired & a bit emotional. So this is the conversation :

Brian : "Can I ask you a question?"
Me : " umm...yea..."
Brian : "Will you marry me?"
Me : ".........." (total confused silence)
Brian : grabs my hand, because I was still going on about eating my steak ..."Well? Will you marry me?"
Me : "Are you sure?" ....we'd been through this conversation, but not quite in this type of manner, plus we were, because of his hesitation with being in any sort of real relationship, living as strictly roommates....
Brian : "That's not an answer"
Me : " :heart: :wub: yes!"

When we finished eating dinner we went outside where everyone else was hanging out and I didn't announce it to everyone as soon as we joined them outside so he made a big deal out of me "not being excited" about it" - a day I'd waited VERY PATIENTLY for for YEARS - I was quite speechless over the whole deal, honestly, like I was living in some sort of surreal alternate world or something. Here I was at my dad's "funeral" - can't really call it a funeral as it wasn't technically, but it was what my dad would of wanted as a tribute to his life, family & friends gathered together in his honor. :)

Mikeal went and spent the night with my sister, Brian & I had to go to WM to get a few things for the next day, while walking through there he asked for my permission to adopt Mikeal. Later we spent the night at my grandma's house and :embarrassed: consummated our engagement. :giggle: Mikaila was concieved that night. :bag: But my heart of hearts feels that she is a gift from my dad as Brian is sterile according to doctors. :heart:

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