Friday, July 16, 2010


I shouldn't jinx myself by listing this, but I must.

In the last two weeks I have been a "victim" of obvious "Good Karma", if I do say so myself.

Monday I went to pick up my prescriptions. Found out after waiting a few hours for them that one of them was not covered by my insurance, to the sum total of $16. No big deal, really, except I didn't have any cash on me due to not expecting to have to pay for it. So we attempted the card over the phone method since Brian was at home with the kids, finishing up dinner. No go, their computer system will no longer allow cards over the phone because of cases of fraud. No big deal to me, I'll just have Brian pick it up the next day when he's in town for work. Instead the pharmacist pulls $16 out of his pocket and pays for it. Says to "not worry about it" if we pay him back, we pay him back, he's not worried about it. Brian was up there the next day with the $16 cash.

After months of stressing over the removal of my Mirena IUD it was successfully, easily removed after seeing a competent midwife, on Wednesday. No surgery required, no drastic side effects, so far.

Yesterday Brian's promotion was confirmed, after only 92 days at his new job, where as with his last employer he was with them for over 3 years, hearing about how they were going to give him a promotion and it never happened.

Today I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few grocery items and noticed that school supplies were out and on sale, so went to grab up a few that I knew Mikeal would need and others that we just need/want at the house. I screwed up and didn't keep close tabs on how much I was spending and ended up going over my cash budget by about $7. No big deal really, I hadn't planned on buying school supplies, I still have about two weeks before school starts, so I put a few items back. As I'm working on "sending back" $8 of merchandise the lady behind me puts $25 on the tray in front of me and tells me to keep it and not worry about it. I tried relentlessly to give it back to her, trying to explain to her that the school supplies were really just an impulse buy and that I had grabbed QUITE a few extras just for around the house and was going to be buying the rest of the supplies at another date, as I'd planned originally. She wouldn't budge on it and she insisted I keep the change.

THEN, as we're leaving out of the store to put the groceries and school supplies in the van it started sprinkling. I no sooner get the kids, etc loaded into the van, the buggy into the cart corral, and myself into the van than the skies just open up and just dumps buckets of water. We're driving down the road, headed towards home and pass under the railroad bridge. A bridge that has sheets and sheets of 4'x8'x3/4" plywood leaned up against the rails for whatever reason. As we're passing under the bridge a gust of wind causes one of these sheets to come cascading down towards my windshield. At the very last second, between 5 o'clock traffic and a complete rainout the sheet of plywood slightly changes direction, landing safely in the center turn lane.

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