Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Child Support Update & a Rant

The shocking news: no child support payment since the beginning of May... LMMFAO Who am I kidding, that's not shocking news! The shocking news would be that he actually paid he was supposed to, including the back support!

I really wouldn't care a great deal if it wasn't for the fact that it's $200 a month that really does go a long way. I usually use it to pay for new clothes for one or both the kids and pay one of the smaller bills due that month. I don't use the money to get a pedicure, manicure, or anything else non-essential. It really annoys the piss out of me when I hear folks whine about their child support payment being *only* $1000 a month and their ex actually pays it every month. Now, my ex does have a job, he makes nearly $1500 a WEEK but because he claims he's unemployed he's only required to make minimum wage payments every month. So of course you could argue that they'd just base it off his income taxes...that'd be beneficial if he actually filed his taxes. So in addition to owing me over $10,000 he owes the IRS almost as much, from BEFORE he quit filing, in 2002. In 2002 he was making $60,000+ a year.

Since then he's bounced in and out of prisons, yes unemployed during a portion of that time...since then he's held a few different jobs, then subsequently quit them as soon as child support enforcement would catch up with him. Well, he recently moved from Tulsa to Ironton, MO...that in itself tells me that he's currently working for his former employer, Kevin Burbank, of Front Door Promotions. Kevin employs trashy folks like my ex, Bryan Gilliam, to supervise children, ages 11-15 to do door to door sales. Of course if the trash makes you money then why care?

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