Monday, August 23, 2010

Moments I'll Miss the Most

*~*Cuddling in the Princess's toddler bed with her for just ONE more story, puh-leeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeeee*~*

*~*Her attempts to convince me that it's 'no nigh nighs' time because the full moon is shining into her room*~*

*~*Laying there with the Princess until she is good and asleep, then lingering just a little longer to smell her sweet smell, listen to her tiny snores, and feel her snuggle into my chest just a little closer when she feels me stir.*~*

*~*Knowing that by 4am she'll be in our already crowded queen sized bed, where at some point Brian or I end up sleeping the last few hours on the couch.*~*

*~*Hearing her squeals of happiness when she wakes up, as if the day holds the most magnificent treasures...I think she's wiser than most in this aspect.*~*

*~*The way every morning that I'm not as energetic as she is to start the day she'll bring me an assortment of clothing to put on, and try to dress me, even in my half-sleep.*~*

*~*The way she squeals again in delight when my feet are finally on the floor and my glasses are properly on my face.*~*

*~*How she guides me towards the shelf with the coffee pot, then runs to grab her spoon for cereal or a frying pan from the cupboard if she wants eggs.*~*

*~*Enjoying my first cup of coffee, as she cleverly sneaks a sip once in a while, with a mischievous grin on her face when I've caught her red-handed...that she follows up with the most adorable 'begging' please you've ever seen...or maybe just me cause I'm which I oblige to her having, just one more sip.*~*

*~*The way she hurries to be the first sitting at the dinner table after the plates have been set and the way she'll even attempt to help with setting the table when she hears the 'command'.*~*

*~*The way she just ADORES her veggies--the more colorful they are the better! I couldn't be more proud!*~*

*~*I love the way her little nose bunches up when she realizes that you're enjoying a beer or glass of wine late in the evening, then follows that with a resounding: "'YUCK!"*~*

*~*Her preference and dislike of different creatures is just astounding! Frogs (or 'Rib-its') are a steadfast love! Rib-it toys, live rib-its, rib-it socks, just a trip down into the basement ensures a squeal of excitement over the possibility of finding a 'rib-it'.*~*

*~*I love the ways that she's learning her words and word sounds, finally...compared to just 6 months ago it's just astounding.*~*

*~*I love the way that as soon as there's a yellow school bus sighting, across the field even, with 5 more minutes to go she squeals in delight over 'Mi-mul' being home, finally.*~*

*~*It breaks my heart a little when she wakes up and wants to play with him and a search of the house turns up empty of her 'Mi-mul'.*~*

*~*I love the way she runs and greets him if we've been playing outside. It delays the bus a little because the driver won't drive off until I've caught up with her again, but it's worth it!*~*

*~*I love the way she greets Brian when he opens the door, squeals of utter delight, jumps for joy, and pure excitement of daddy being home! Most of the time she even helps him with taking off his socks and shoes, rubs most of the lint from his feet and gives them a small gentle peck!*~*


Oh how many more things I can list...she just amazes me everyday!

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