Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Short & Simple - A List of Some Truths

I have been married 3 times.
~*~Johnathan East - married 2/16/00; widowed 2/19/00
~*~Bryan Gilliam - married (I thought) 12/17/01; found out we were not legally married because he didn't sign the paper until 5/02; legally married 6/27/02. Separated 9/22/03 after finding out he actually attempted to rape a 5(five) year old and wasn't just peeing and she walked in on him. Divorce was final 6/13/06.
~*~Brian Bonds - married 10/31/07 until death do we part.

I have only been pregnant 5 times.
~*~Alonna - born 12/13/00; died due to misdiagnosis of everything BUT pregnancy, was on several different medications that are not safe for pregnancy, others that have since even been recalled.
~*~Mikeal - born 8/26/02
~*~Bridgett - still born 6/25/03 at 23weeks gestation because my ex threw a 27" TV at me in a drunken rage, after HE was out all night.
~*~early miscarriage - 10/2004
~*~Mikaila - born 12/13/07

I used to be quite the drunk.
I used to smoke marijuana.
I went through quite the self-destructive period of time, in which I did hope to be just taken out of everyone's misery.
I have been homeless with a young child, with NO ONE to turn to for any sort of support or their idea of support was to spread rumors, fuel indignation, or tell me good luck and that I needed more help than they were qualified to provide. Thanks *family members whom I actually looked up to and respected*.
My divorce was UGLY and continues to be ugly.

I'm also triumphant over all of these things. I have a wonderful, supportive husband, two beautiful intelligent children, and a life I wouldn't trade anyone for. I don't envy anyone, if anything I pity those whom I am told I should strive to be most like.

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