Monday, September 13, 2010

Arthritis Update

I blogged here about many of my struggles with just simple things.

Today I actually cried in the doctor's office, well, FNP that I'm seeing. I feel like I'm starting to teeter off this ledge I've been hanging on for years. The thought of falling off that ledge scares me almost as much as falling off a physical ledge does. It sucks.

I did convince him to give me a referral to a rheumatologist, but no one from his office got back with me by close of business this evening. He was also willing to try some different medications, however, the biggest obstacle with that is the 'standard' treatment is regular prednisone (cortizone steroid) shots. Minor issue with that is I don't like getting shots. The major issue with it is...I'm allergic to them. Yippee fun joy...piss rain on my parade.

I've known about this allergy for only about 2 years now, after a lovely teenager slammed the back of my van because I was stopped at, of all things, a red light. *gasp* I was being pushed through the intersection, just as the light turned green and I let my foot off the brake. I resulted in me getting a prednisone shot and my face breaking out in hives and subsequently swelling. It was loads of fun.

So for the time being he's dropped the ibprofen put me on some other stuff that he had some samples of and is going to check out other medication options that are covered by my insurance. Oh, and they're going to set me up with an arthritis specialist and hopefully I can get some answers or medications or something 'positive' from all of that...

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