Thursday, September 9, 2010


Oh how the time has flown! My children are bigger, learning all the time, and just amazing overall.

I was looking over my blog of the last year or two. Among other things I have realized that having a 2.5 year old is a WHOLE world different from having a 1.5 year old, mainly in the area that my blog has dwindled over this time. Mikaila is more into playing, there are no more naptimes, at least not often, and she can either reach or find a way to reach things she knows she isn't allowed to have, keeping me on my toes, literally.

Last year the kids were enjoying the mud puddles in our swampy yard and drive way...and now they play in the creek at the park.

Mikaila had her first nectarine...and now she's learned the aftermath of a huge box of peaches.

Last year both the kids were so awesome with each other...and now they fight.

Last year we were attending the circus...and now we don't even have to leave the house for the circus.

Last year bedtime stories were read in the chair with a bottle...and now, Mikeal reads a story, Brian or I read a story, all while she's laying in her big girl bed.

Last year Mikaila was cleaning my kitchen with butter...and now, it's flour, or sugar, depends on what she's able to access.

Last year we were living in Oklahoma, working on buying the house we were renting...and this year we're living in a house we would like to buy, but are only renting, in Tennessee.

But some things haven't changed.

Mikaila is still Houdini.

Mikeal is still excelling academically, seriously, just take that entry, add 3rd grade in place of any other grade and you have this year's report so far, except he's tested to be reading & comprehending at a 5th, almost 6th grade level!

Brian still works for a parts store.

I still blog rants about 'mightier than thou' people. I also still hold true to what I believe. I still post recipes. I still haven't gotten around to posting everything I said I was going to get around to posting about here, but I have gotten closer. I still use language that would put truck drivers and sailors to shame, when I'm in that frame of mind. I still am working on my history of life. I haven't typed up much new poetry, yet, but I'll work on that.

And of course the dead-beat has fallen off the wagon of paying child support - big surprise - not a dime since May and no county or court official knows where he may be, so yes, once again, there is another dead beat sperm donating child predator roaming the country. *sigh*

But that's some of it in a nutshell. Feel free to let me know what some of your favorite posts have been over the last few years.

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